As FDA Receives Criticism: Speedier Drug Approvals Are Slowed

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 8, 2022

The food and drug administration of The United States of America is one of the most important institutions for approving the consumption of various drugs and medications.

Over some time, it has contemplated different types of methodology and strategies with the help of which the time taken for obtaining approval for an essential commodity is reduced.

The most important reason behind such a procedural amendment was the timely availability of essential items in the public interest to avoid any upcoming risk. 

But recently, there has been a reduction in the number of drug approvals, and the process has slowed down to a great extent. This has been because of the introduction of additional procedures and scrutinies introduced by Congress.

The attempt is basically to increase compliance with the existing government norms, so that product safety is maintained. Other measures have been taught that have to be evaluated before approval is granted.

It has been because of this reason that less than ten approvals have been provided in the recent year as compared to 31 licenses that were given in the last year.

What Is The Program? 

The recent scheme introduced by the government attempts to introduce the experimentation of the product. Before a medicine is available in the market for consumption by patients, the same is required to be tested on a sample population as a precondition.

As FDA Receives Criticism: Speedier Drug Approvals Are Slowed

It will help to understand if the drug is necessary for curing a given disease for which it has been made. This has elongated the period required for drug approval. The results of the experimentation take time. 

Why Has The Program Been Introduced? 

The program was introduced after approval was granted to birth control pills, and later on, the same drug was reported to have a lot of shortcomings that produced adverse effects on health.

Around ten deaths have been reported so far after the consumption of this medicine. That is why all the food and drug administration leaders have decided to increase the stringency of the steps in the approval process. 

This will help to remove all the drugs that produce adverse effects instead of curing the issue. This authority has confirmed the decision only after proper research in this regard. This program is known to be in direct conflict with the accelerated approval program. 

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How Is The Accelerated Approval Program Impacted?

This particular program was launched in 1992 to provide and expedite approval to enhance the availability of vaccines and medications for HIV and cancer. All of these drugs were subjected to speedy procedures for approval.

But most of the licenses granted as part and parcel of this program still need to achieve the required objective. Around 20 drugs have been removed from this list owing to their failure to provide a sufficient remedy. 

Many drug makers have also pulled back their medicines even after the approval was granted due to the shortage of raw materials and production facilities.

This program’s amendment is necessary for the public interest and safety because quality is always more important than quantity. These additional guidelines would apply to all the medicines and drugs that are required by people daily. 


This is one of the most strategic moves the government has made so far. It helps provide a better impact. This becomes one of the most essential perspectives to be taken into consideration over the period.

The scheme has also been approved by Congress with the majority being in the favour of the same. 

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