The Flu Season Is Anticipate To Back With A Vengeance – Kids Are Affected More!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 11, 2022

Last year, there were shocking few flu cases, this was true nationwide. People stayed at home and used masks when they went outside. The flu was never a threat.Will that hold true this coming year as well? The CDC is being preventative by advising people to get their flu vaccines right away.

As flu season approaches, one concern is that infected individuals may mistakenly believe they have covid and occupy valuable time and space in hospital Emergency rooms. Some medical professionals, including Dr. Theodore Hausler of the Center for Family Practice in Latham, believe that wearing a mask will also help prevent the flu this year.

Will The Flu Season Return In Vengeance?

The World Health Organization has identified vaccine hesitancy, usually referred to as the anti-vaccine movement, as one of the top health dangers for 2019.

Will The Flu Season Return In Vengeance

It’s not difficult to comprehend why. Infectious diseases like measles, which were uncommon in the United States, have returned with fury since the vaccine controversy gained hold.

Your Three-Step Anti-Flu Action Plan

Director of Scientific Affairs Norman Moore, Ph.D., cited Infectious Disease at Abbott to outline the most crucial steps parents should take if they suspect their child has the flu. These three actions are to be carried out ideally within the first 48 hours.

Take a flu test

Since they had to be examined at central labs, even the most accurate flu tests for years could not provide results rapidly enough to guide clinicians’ treatment decisions. When those results were available, it was frequently too late to begin treatment or take steps to prevent infection. With the proper diagnosis, your child can start receiving the best care immediately.

Take a flu test

Reduce the spread

It is simple for your child to infect companions or family members with the flu if he or she already has it.

People who are at a high risk of developing complications from the flu, such as infants, expectant mothers, and those who have chronic illnesses like heart disease or asthma, may find this to be particularly harmful. Keep your child at home, remind older kids to cough and sneeze into tissues, and enforce strict proper hand washing rules for the entire family.

Avoid touching your mouth, nose, or eyes because these areas are entry points for viruses into the body. Apply a home disinfectant on toys, doorknobs, and countertops.

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Take a flu medication

Children and adults who have the flu can recover faster with FDA-approved antiviral flu medicines, but they must be used within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms to be effective. You will need a written prescription from your healthcare practitioner to buy these drugs since they cannot be purchased over the counter.

You understand as a parent that nothing is more significant than the health of your family. If your kids become ill during this flu season, having a plan of action in place will assist you in getting them on the road to recovery faster.

When should I receive the influenza vaccine?

It is recommended to get vaccinated before the virus starts to spread around your region. Flu shots are typically recommended in September to October.

The ideal time to vaccinate everyone is by the end of October. However, vaccination is still advised even if you can’t obtain it until November or later because flu activity often peaks in February and can persist significantly into May.

When should I receive the influenza vaccine

To sum up:

Various factors to take into account when deciding whether to vaccinate particular groups include:

Adults, particularly ones older than 65 shouldn’t typically get immunized early (in July or August) since protection may wane with time. However, early immunization can be taken into consideration for anyone who is unable to get immunized later on.

Even if the vaccine is made available in July or August, children can get vaccinated as soon as it is available. Some kids require two doses of the flu shot. Since the second dosage must be administered at least four weeks after the first, it is advised that these children receive the first dose as soon as the vaccine is available.

People who are in their third trimester of pregnancy may also want to consider getting vaccinated early because it can help protect their unborn children during the first few months of life (since the child is too young to receive a vaccine).


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