Garland At 100, Dorothy’s Children Reveal How They’re keeping Her Legacy Alive

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 11, 2022

Judy Garland’s children are determined to carry on their mother’s legacy as the late “Wizard of Oz” star. An accidental barbiturate overdose killed the actress, a box office success of the ’40s who was twice nominated for an Academy Award, on June 22, 1969, at the age of 47. June 10 was her 100th birthday. In collaboration with perfume designer Vincenzo Spinnato, Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft, and Joey Luft, the actress’s children have created “Judy – A Garland Fragrance.” It’s supposed to be a memorial to Garland, who reportedly never left her house without spritzing her favorite aroma on her clothes and hair before heading out.

Garland At 100, Dorothy’s Children Reveal How They’re keeping Her Legacy Alive

Lorna Minnelli came up with the idea to create a fragrance in celebration of my mother’s 100th birthday, the 76-year-old actress said. Lorna with many intricacies, but she kept me updated, and when the time came to smell the final unisex exquisite fragrance, it smelt like a mother. I was delighted.” Our mother’s heritage is honored uniquely, and I’m sure she’d have been overjoyed.”

Garland At 100, Dorothy's Children Reveal How They're keeping Her Legacy Alive.

The Mothers Spoke Highly Of Garland Because Of The way She Made Her Children Laugh

As Lorna, Joey, and even Minnelli recall their mother’s love and affection for them: “There are so many great memories of mom,” they conclude. You could never select just one memory since she was always so intriguing, engaging, and hilarious. Her hidden weapon was a sense of humor.”

Lorna added, “I’ve had 16 years of the best times of my life.” “I have a lifetime’s worth of her work to watch and listen to,” she says. My mother makes me feel like a fortunate person.”

According to the ladies in August 2021, the former child star’s life was frequently a whirlwind, but she also took time to relish the good times she had with those she loved.

Lorna once told Closer Weekly, “Yes, she had tragedies in her life, but she wasn’t sad.” When they were alone, Joey Garland recalls, “I remember having a lot of fun with her.”

A common misperception regarding Minnelli’s mother is that she didn’t provide her children with a joyful upbringing, which she denies. I can honestly say that I was pleased throughout that time, despite the highs and lows.

As a mom, Garland was “protective and quite severe,” but she was also “really hilarious” and “very clever,” according to Minnelli.

Minnelli’s Mother Always Made Her Feel Better when She Was Upset

According to Liza Minnelli, her mother’s favorite memory is their chats. Her confidant and greatest buddy as an adolescent was me.” The two of us would laugh and speak for days.” Even after all these years, Liza Minnelli says she can still sense her mother’s presence.

In 1951, the union lasted. It’s hard to believe she wasn’t. She had an exceptional rapport with young people. In her way, she was childish. On set, she and the other kids enjoyed jumping rope. She was a constant amusement for me, and she smote me.”

Esther Smith, played by Judy Garland, sings “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” to her sister, Tootie (played by Kathy O’Brien). The family was preparing to move to New York from St. Louis.

While Garland was initially reluctant to perform the song, O’Brien claims that she eventually agreed.

We were in a dismal and melancholy mood; therefore, the initial lyrics were dark and drab, according to O’Brien. I can not sing this song to Margaret since she is too young! Because of how she would react, the whole town will believe I am horrible.”

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