GPs And Cancer Care Could Be Cut By The NHS- What Is The Reason?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 8, 2022

The Government of England is already undergoing massive pressure on the financial budget. The pressure has increased to such an extent that there is a great possibility that the expenditure would be cut concerning the general physicians and cancer care facilities available in the country. There is already a deficit of 20 million dollars so far. 

To cover this loophole, the National Health Survey has finally suggested that the number of fixed expenditures that the government of England would undertake on specific healthcare sectors would be reduced to the bare minimum.

Since the government would not be taking any initiative to promote this kind of treatment, the general public can turn towards Private HealthCare facilities and prefer private hospitals to government hospitals in these categories.

It is not a good sign at all because this would increase the average expenditure associated with managing an individual’s health care. 

What Are The New Policies? 

Cancer Treatment and general physicians offer a lot to individuals over time. The government has to provide a lot of subsidies when it comes to this kind of treatment to the individual so that every section of this society can enjoy the medical cure and put up a tough front against the disease of cancer and other minor ailments that prove fatal if the proper amount of treatment is not given. 

GPs And Cancer Care Could Be Cut By The NHS

But this particular facility offered by the government is likely to be reduced this time. This will happen in two ways. In the first place, the number of Hospitals and other medical cure facilities for these purposes would be reduced, and very little investment would be made in establishing social infrastructure.

The second way is that the available subsidies concerning reducing the cost of treatment would also be cut down. This is one of the most important impacts of the new policy decision that the NHS has made. 

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What reasoning does the NHS provide? 

It becomes crucial to understand the reasoning the organization has extended to support its decision to cut down the expenditure for cancer and general physician care facilities in the country.

According to the sources, it has been brought forward that the NHS had to face a lot of choices, which were very tough to make, to recover the loopholes in the management of the financial budget. 

The only available sectors in which such cutdowns could be made were cancer treatment and general physician care because there has been a considerable increase in the extension of the treatment that can be reduced for a small period without causing much damage.

Also, a lot of Private Health Care facilities offer the same facilities at the same price and that is why the government could take the chance to at least reduce the funding to the sectors.

But it has been promised that this situation would be restored back to normal in the minimum amount of time. It is only a temporary major for fixing the loophole which is acting as a deficit in the whole budget. 


It can be ultimately concluded that this is one of the most effective and useful kinds of policy decisions that have been taken, but a lot of people are criticizing the decision on account of Bureaucracy and corruption.

Many people have also demanded that the exact allocation of the entire health budget should be made public as soon as possible so that the negative impact on the status of the government with respect to its policy decisions could be reduced to the bare minimum. 


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