Heatwaves Are Making Summer Nights Unbearable

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 17, 2022

Nature has been able to witness different development activities, and all of these kinds of development have brought benefits to humanity but disadvantages to nature. It is essential to mention in the first place that this kind of development is also responsible for causing different types of side effects to the environment in which we live.

What Are The Side Effect?

It is essential to understand that climate change is one of the most critical kinds of side effects that can be noticed, and this is one of the most evident forms of effect that can show that human beings have done everything to exploit nature. 

Heatwaves Are Making Summer Night Unbearable

Now they have to face the repercussions of the same. It is essential to mention that climate change has been able to cause an increase in the temperature of the Summer Nights, which is making the situation too hot for survival. It is important to understand that this is considered the most critical and essential finding that is a cause of worry for the entire humanity.

In light of all the changes that are taking place, this climate change has to be controlled to ensure long-term survival. But this increase in the temperature is responsible for causing different types of effects that must be controlled. 

Details of the study

According to the recent report published by the lancet planet study, it has become essential to mention that this kind of detail must be considered in every possible situation. It is also essential to understand that the increasing temperature, especially at night, is the cause of destruction in many places. 

According to the report, it is believed that the instances of death increase by almost 6 times if the temperature increases at night, and all of these figures will become very evident by the year 2100. In light of these changes, something has to be done to control this, but it will take a long time, even if we start today. It is only with the help of this kind of study that it can be understood that all the activities which are being practiced by human beings do not leave the opposite impact in the long run. 

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According to the present situation, the highest temperature recorded at night has been 20 degrees Celsius. It has been recorded in California for the time being. But if this particular trend continues even in the long one, then the day is not part, then the average temperature at night would be somewhere around 40 degrees Celsius. 

This is approximately 5 times more than the temperature the human body can tolerate in the light of the existing air conditioning at night. It is a severe health issue, and scientists are trying to practice everything they can. It is one of the most valuable and effective types of situation, which has to be considered overtime at any cost. With the help of this data, scientists would first be able to calculate the gravity of the problem, and secondly, they would be in the position to devise a possible solution. 


It can be concluded that this is one of the most important and effective kinds of situations which must be taken into account. It is only with the help of this kind of information that additional amounts of investment in research activities can be undertaken in order to determine the side effects caused by global warming. It will also be helpful in order to bring additional effects and will be useful to a great extent in this situation.


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