High-Dose Flu Vaccine Promises Moral Benefits In Older Adults

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 30, 2022

A recent study(DANFLU -1)conducted under the responsibility of Tor Biering Sorenson MD of the university of Copenhagen in Denmark reported that the high dosage of influenza(Fluzone high dosage) vaccine promises benefits in the rate of mortality and morbidity in older adults compared to the standard dose of influenza vaccine. The study indicated a 48.9 % reduction in all-cause mortality and a 64% reduction in influenza or pneumonia hospitalizations.

The University of Copenhagen has mentioned that the new high-dosage vaccine has reduced hospitalization for cardiopulmonary diseases by 12%. The high dosage of the vaccine contains 60 micrograms of haemagglutinin antigen for each strain compared to the standard dosage which contains only 15 grams.

Benefits Of High-Dose Vaccine

The high-dosage vaccine has been approved for adults aged 65 and over in most countries. Tor Biering Sorensen MD of  The University of Copenhagen in a presentation at the European society of cardiology(ESC) reported that only less than 1% of patients in both trials died after 14 days after conceiving the vaccination against influenza.

High-Dose Flu Vaccine Promises Moral Benefits In Older Adults

There is no significant difference between the adverse events between the group that conceived high and standard dosages. The enrollment began in October 2021 with 11,442 patients and the tests were completed within the next 2 to 3 weeks. He also stated that a study with a larger population should be conducted to support the results.

They will soon conduct a study enrolling 208000 danish patients to find whether the vaccine reduces the outcome of influenza and cardiovascular diseases.

He also stated that he will implement the high-dosage vaccine in his patients because we know that the high-dosage vaccine can prevent influenza by 25%, but it is not sure whether the high-dosage vaccine can avoid cases of hospitalization.

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        Previous studies have been investigating the link between influenza and cardiovascular outcomes. A study discovered an increase in myocardial infarction in patients having influenza infection, another study indicated that influenza infection is responsible for about 19% of heart failure cases in hospitals. Studies also mention that almost 12% of influenza-infected patients have experienced acute cardiovascular events. Later some research proved that proper immunization against influenza could protect patients from the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
 American Heart Association spokesperson Amit Khera stated that the high dosage of vaccine is recommended for elders in the united states because they have a better immune response. According to earlier studies, a flu shot has reduced the risk of both fatal and nonfatal cardiovascular outcomes in a year. He made a statement that the DANFLU-1 has also failed to demonstrate which dosage of the vaccine has prevented the disease outcome.

Also, the patients enrolled in the study were over the age of 65 and those who didn’t have cardiovascular-related diseases. Amit Khera stated that he has also offered high-dosage vaccines for his patients, and the current study means that the high-dosage vaccine is convenient and safe to use whether it is a high or low dosage. it doesn’t take away the necessity to vaccinate patients.

The research conducted is linked to the danish vaccination program. Biering Sorensen MD of the university of Copenhagen at the European society of cardiology(ESC) press conference explained that there are more projects and research to be conducted in the future to protect people from flu infection and cardiovascular events followed by it. conducting an innovative study in Denmark using administrative health registers is probably easy.

The next stage is to conduct a fully powered trial comparing the efficiency of high-dosage and standard-dosage vaccines in elderly patients. The subsequent trial should have an estimated enrollment of over 200000 citizens.


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