Increased Reports Of Flesh-Eating Germs In Florida Following Hurricane Ian

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 22, 2022

Hurricane Ian caused massive destruction in different parts of Florida and Lee County. Many side effects have been reported so far that people continue to experience even after the hurricane has subsided, and it has been a month to that already. But the medical department of Florida has noted an increase in the action of flesh-eating bacteria in the country. This virus is known as vibrio vulnificus. A total of 70 cases have been supported, including 17 fatalities. 

It is difficult to conclude for the moment by asking how many infections were before this striking hurricane and how many cases were after the same. But a warning had already been issued to the public to stay cautious concerning the existing climatic conditions after this hurricane. The temperature is warm and is now accompanied by standing waters. It is a breeding ground for deadly bacteria. Such deadly bacteria as vibrio vulnificus. 

It is directly having a detrimental impact on all those people who always suffer from open wounds and cuts. That is why these people are advised to stay away from standing water. The infection is likely to cause serious skin infections in people if the proper amount of treatment is unavailable. Medical treatment has become a must at such a critical stage.

Symptoms Of The Disease

The skin infection is likely to produce some of the common symptoms in the people to whom it has affected. The first symptom is to be all about rashes and redness of the skin. It can cause itching to a great extent. But due to the existing wounds and cuts, a person can’t even itch. Something it can also cause a burning sensation inside the skin, due to which an individual may feel like scratching the wound. 

Increased Reports Of Flesh-Eating Germs In Florida Following Hurricane Ian

Long-term exposure of the infected wound to flesh-eating bacteria can deteriorate the skin and reduce that two nothing. Incidents like the shedding of the skin have also been experienced by some patients suffering from this deadly infection caused by bacteria and viruses. The disease can produce apparent symptoms within a few days of counteracting infection. All the symptoms must be noted sincerely, and none can be ignored because a lack of treatment can prove fatal to the patient suffering from this problem.

What does the Government have to do about this? 

The Government is trying its best to collaborate with different hospitals and medical care institutions to provide better treatment opportunities. If this problem is not treated within time, it can cause different side effects in the long run, including death. The Government is also launching different campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness concerning this disease. 

If people do not know the symptoms, they will not report it. The Government is urging the people to take all the precautions and essential medications that help to heal the wounds and cuts as soon as possible. With the help of these collaborative measures, this place-eating virus can subside with time. Even people who experience mild symptoms should get themselves tested and start the medical treatment as soon as possible before it is too late to cure. 

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It can be concluded that this is one of the essential perspectives that must be considered before evaluating the gravity of the situation. This flesh-eating virus can be reduced only when people take adequate measures in this respect. The collective effort of the Government and the citizens will be helpful to put up a fight against the skin-eating infection that can be fatal at times. 


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