Inquest Into First Monkeypox Death In U.S. Conducted By Harris County 

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 9, 2022

Monkeypox is a zoonotic disease that is caused by the infectious monkeypox virus. This is a dreadful disease that gets easily transmitted from animals to humans and in between humans.

It was initially found in Africa. Recent reports show that monkeypox has spread to many many countries across the globe. As per the latest reports, scientists who are analyzing this disease are unaware of the reason behind spreading this disease outside the region of Africa.

The Harris County Health Department Is Investigating Whether This Is The First Monkeypox Death In The United States

Last Sunday, an adult with severe illness died at Harris County hospital. Later it was confirmed that the adult tested positive for monkeypox, and his condition was very serious when got hospitalized. The news was released by an authority from the Harris County Department of Public Health.

Though the adult was found positive for monkeypox virus, the real cause of his death is still unknown. The doctors at Harris County hospital say that his autopsy is pending, and the real cause of death will only be revealed after getting the final reports of the autopsy in hand.

Inquest Into First Monkeypox Death In U.S. Conducted By Harris County 

That said, the primary assumption is nothing other than the death caused by the infectious monkeypox virus. But what makes the health authorities in the United state confused is that, to date, no other similar cases reported and there are no known deaths from monkeypox. This makes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention members turn their heads around in a haze. 

Recently, Lina Hidalgo, the Harris County Judge came forward and opened up her words that the information shared about the very same monkeypox death case is very transparent, and everything was kept unwrapped to avoid potential misinformation related to this case. She gave her valuable words on Monday. Along with these, she even pointed out some significant points that no one should miss out on. Lina said that the practical way to get masked from the monkeypox virus is through vaccination. She even highlighted that one could only combat this dreadful virus by taking vaccines. 

The goal of the health authorities in the United States seems to get as many people for vaccinating. They are planning for a quick vaccination program that covers the majority of the people residing in the U.S. Just like what they did to fight the Covid 19 pandemic, the same procedures are taken into consideration for beating the monkeypox virus. So, the health support team underlines the key importance of taking vaccines for reducing the spread of the monkeypox virus. 

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The Harris County Public Health Department is getting ready to cross its hands with other health service departments like Harris Health System, the Texas Department of State Health Services, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for investigating the death case. Even though they have collaborated for working on the monkeypox death case, no detailed information is shared about the person who died of the monkeypox virus. No other identifying information about the person is revealed nor do they provide any clue on this current confusing situation. 

Another similar monkeypox case was reported in north Houston. The reports show that the infected person is at the IDEA Public Schools Hardy campus. The school authorities have not given any detailed information about this case and they are not willing to transmit any personal information about the person infected by the monkeypox virus. It’s still not clear whether it is a student or a teacher who is the infected person. 

According to the Houston Health Department, the studies conducted by the team finalized that the monkeypox virus is mostly spread through close contact, and prolonged intimate interactions. Other reports show that this deadly virus can even get infected from any body fluids, scabs, and infectious rashes. They even mention another way of virus attack through the usage of sheets or clothing that previously got in contact with the infected person.

Once the virus enters the body, the illness usually lasts for a couple of weeks depending upon one’s health condition. The spreading of the virus starts from the very first moment when the symptoms start to appear in the body until its completely cured. 

The Houston and Harris County health departments reported too many monkeypox cases only in Houston. This is the latest report as per the data collected last Friday. Vaccines are currently set to provide for eligible people. The health departments even put forward the booking options so that people can avail of the service for getting vaccinated. 


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