A 24 Hour Instagram Ban Followed Kanye West’s Racial Slur Directed At Trevor Noah, What Did Kanye West Commented On Instagram?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 21, 2022

The famous Hollywood rapper Kanye West has been recently suspended from Instagram for 24 hours after making a racist comment at Trevor Noah.

This happened on the media of South Africa television. It is essential to mention that according to the spokesperson of Instagram, it was reported that this suspension happened after the Kanye policy of the company by practicing elements like hate speech and harassment. 

Kanye West Breaks Instragram’s Policy By Racist Comments Pointed Towards Trevor Noah

This is saddening and depressing for such big people that they undertake such cheap activities. It is terrifying on the part of these public figures to indulge in all these activities, which represent the orthodox mentality of the people until today. This has been one of the biggest concerns for the people over the period.

A 24 Hour Instagram Ban Followed Kanye West's Racial Slur Directed At Trevor Noah

Exact issue

So basically, those famous singers could post on Instagram about Noha that she was the blackest woman of all. It was very demeaning and disgraceful to read the statement. In addition, it was necessary to mention that all of this happened when Noha was making a typical comment about how one of the richest women in the world was unable to stop her ex from texting her. 

It was just a joint statement that she was able to make during a recent interview on a popular TV channel of South Africa. But it went very differently because this comment was not taken at all positively by Kanye. She gave a perfect reply by targeting her relationships first. It was later that she stooped so low for making a racist remark over the period. This has been one of the most extensive parts of most people. 


She has been able to deplete her reputation by making this comment. It has been able to affect a lot of people because nobody expected such a kind of racist remark on her part. Instagram has a significant policy that no hate speech and any other type of expression would be used at any cost. The main intention of the social media platform is to develop a world in which no negative factors of racism and hate speech, including her assessment, are present. 

When Instagram noticed such a type of comment on the profile of Noah, the immediately suspended the account for 24 hours. It is a critical policy that has been able to make a massive amount of difference for protecting most of the people against these types of comments. It is a practical part that she has been suspended from Instagram for 24 hours as a punishment for needing such a comment.

It has tarnished her reputation over the period. This is the most extensive type of controversy she has ever been indulged in. Most of this should be monitored over time so that no such thing is repeated afterward. Instagram did very correctly after stopping all the activities and even deleting the comment she made. This is the punishment that always people on social media platforms must be given for promoting this content, which is helpful for people’s mental well-being.

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