International Day Against Breast Cancer- Why It Is So Important?

Dr. Stacy Tyree | Last Updated : October 19, 2022

Breast cancer is one of the most common problems faced by women around the world. Every woman has approximately a 13% risk of developing cancer in her lifeline. This implies that around 1 in every 8 women suffers through it. The risk is more with women who are 45 to 65 years old.

Although it is controllable with treatment, negligence, poor care, and late detection can result in a lot of problems and eventual death.

That’s why October 19 is recognized globally as International Breast Cancer Day. Celebrated by the World Health Organization, the day is solely directed toward increasing awareness. It also helps in ensuring that women get timely care, effective treatments, control, and diagnosis.

On this, people everywhere talk about breast cancer and its implications. It helps in raising awareness about effective timely diagnosis, treatment, and control measures. The campaign goes on for the entire month and is the first effort towards focusing on breast cancer problems.

Importance Of International Day Against Breast Cancer

As you step into October month, you will see that there’s so much information about breast cancer. Awareness about this problem is important as it helps people realize what are the early symptoms of breast cancer and how to catch the disease in its early stage.

Importance Of International Day Against Breast Cancer

If early diagnosis is performed, the patients feel much better and their life expectancy increases. The surgery stays less extensive and the best treatment options are usable.

Owing to the rising awareness about breast cancer, today there are over 3.1 million patients who have survived breast cancer in the USA. Some women are undergoing treatment and soft of them have completed it. We can say without a doubt that International Breast Cancer Day has increased the proportion of women getting screened and treated.

Along with the rising awareness, International Breast Cancer Day is also involved in raising funds for the same. People come together to give some amount of their savings for research. This further supports better diagnosis, treatment, cure measures, and post-care treatments.

Celebrated since 1985, different communities, individuals, and businesses unite every October. They extend their continuous support to anyone who is affected by cancer. The month is all about giving back, reflecting, and celebrating.

What Is The Pink Month?

In the spirit of International Day Against Breast Cancer, October has been declared as Pink Month. This month is when people put their best efforts to educate everyone about the disease, such as the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

WHO Ethiopia Staff Association began observing Pink Month. It organized a breast awareness class for its women staff. There, Dr. Fikir Melesa, WESA Chairperson taught self-examination breast cancer techniques to the employees. The session also gave everyone all the updates on the present situation of cancer in their country and how it can be prevented.

The session highlighted that around 90% of breast cancers are curable when at an early stage. It is important for women to self-examine for any early signs of breast cancer. They should pay a visit to the doctor and get their mammography.

What Do Pink Ribbons Mean?

Have you seen those social media posts showcasing pink ribbons in October? There’s a story behind this ribbon. It symbolizes the awareness of breast cancer and the story dates back to 1979 about a hostage wife in Iran who used yellow ribbons to tie up around trees. It was a symbol of awareness back then and even today; its color has changed but the essence remains the same.

Story Behind Pink Ribbon In Breast Cancer Day

Today, pink ribbon (even pink color in general) is identified as an awareness or promotional sign for breast cancer treatment. You can observe these pink ribbons every October, celebrated as International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Since pink color is associated with femininity, it evoked care, a feeling of beauty, and cooperation with everyone. It is also a representation of the courage to fight cancer, bring new hopes to everyone’s hearts, and depict the charitable nature of businesses and people. This ribbon also instills a sense of unity among women fighting against breast cancer.

What Is The Theme For Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

According to the research conducted by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, every two minutes, one woman is detected with breast cancer. So, the zeal will never dial down and people will keep on instilling awareness about the disease.

This month is dedicated to “Pink October”. People around the world would be displaying this color and a pink ribbon to showcase their support and raise awareness about breast cancer. In 2022, the theme for the month is “Wear it Pink”.

So, what is Wear it Pink? Owing to the increasing medical advancements, women find better alternatives to the problem and get the right treatment and care. Their chances of surviving have increased and to give all these women a chance to fight, regular self-examinations are performed. Although it is curable, we cannot stop it from spreading. This is why “wear it pink” originated.

Today, although the diagnosis rate has increased, women are still passing away due to breast cancer.

We wait for a future where individuals come forward and help raise awareness about breast cancer. Our future generations will have a less fearful life ahead. It is expected that if the fighting spirit is kept alive, there’ll be a world where everyone is timely diagnosed and receives proper medical care.

Dr. Stacy Tyree

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