Is iPhone 14 Coming? Notch-Less Display, Real Punch Front Camera, SIM Less!! Rumors And Reality: Expected Release

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 10, 2022

Apple has one of the most exciting companies that has never failed to amaze people to the greatest extent possible. It has lodged the best iPhone from 2007 and is continuing its Legacy till this date. It was recently that the iPhone 13 Pro Max was launched, and that phone was a success in itself. 

Is iPhone 14 Coming? Notch-Less Display, Real Punch Front Camera, SIM Less!! Rumors And Reality: Expected Release

But since technology always keeps on getting outdated over a short interval of time, people now actually want the launch of the new iPhone. Most iPhone lovers are waiting in queue for the launch of the iPhone 14. But there are a lot of more exciting features that make them Crave for iPhone 14 to a great extent.

Is iPhone 14 Coming Notch-Less Display, Real Punch Front Camera, SIM Less!! Rumors And Reality Expected Release

What makes iPhone 14 the best of all? 

iPhone 14 has the biggest rumor to include a new design and a lot of features that have never been there in the previous versions. It is essential to mention that the biggest buzz about the new design has been the addition of a notch-less display, a pill, and a real punch front camera. These features will make any person a lover of the iPhone 14. 

In addition, this new phone is also expected to have a more durable alloy body. This alloy body would be made with the help of Titanium. This particular phone would be launched in new screen sizes., It is expected that Apple would be launching at least four new screen sizes by scraping out the production for the mini iPhone.

Other rumors

It has also been expected that the iPhone 14 will be launched in 2022, around July. Apple has been observed to revamp its strategy over the period time. In addition, it has now been in the position to launch new phone models. Out of these four models, there would be two high models and two low models. This wide variety of models has been developed in the iPhone to satisfy the population. The Other list of essential features expected to be a part of the iPhone 14 has been mentioned in the following ways. 

Bigger screen size

Post fall, every Apple lover has contemplated an ample availability of screen. But it seems like this particular objective is now getting fulfilled. In the first place, the new iPhone 14 model is expected to have a much bigger screen size compared to the other counterparts launched. This is one of the best rumors, which has increased the craze of many people. 

No sim slot

There has been another rumor associated with iPhone 14. It is expected that every version of the iPhone after 13 will be SIM less. This is practically impossible in the first place, but despite that, most people want to actually use a mobile phone to connect with the entire world without having a SIM card. This is one of the best support launched over some time. 

Summing up

It is expected in the first place that iPhone 14 would be in a better position to satisfy the different demands of the people. iPhone 14 is expected to break the stereotypes of the market by launching every new technology, which is the need of the hour

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