Is Omicron’s Effect On E-commerce, More Than Coronavirus

John Furrier | Last Updated : December 7, 2021

Whenever there is a new entrant from the community of coronaviruses into the field of the pandemic, there has been a ruckus created in almost all the sectors of the economic, political, and social arena. The destructive prowess possessed by the virus is well analyzed in all the sectors and the same needs to be done with Omicron. 

Is Omicron A Bigger Threat To E-commerce Than Coronavirus

The onset of the new variant Omicron has sparked debates on its efficacy and transmissibility dividing the whole fraternity of intellectuals into two groups, one sticking to the more dangerous aspect of the virus and the other of the view that the efficacy of the new variant won’t cause much destruction. 

Omicron's Effect On Ecommerce

E-Commerce firms gearing up

Amidst the ongoing debates, we need to extract the developmental scopes these industries can provide us with. For the whole medical kinship, today is working upon the potentialities of the existing vaccines along with devising the new vaccines so as to tackle the avalanche threat posed by Omicron. The E-commerce firms have already tightened up their seat belts to go on a race of manufacturing the medical equipment. The pharmaceutical industries need to gear up on doubling the production of medicines, sanitary products, and so on. The infrastructure needs to be updated in the hospitals.

Transmissibility capacity of Omicron and multiple mutation threat

Since there has been this information circulated by WHO, that it has double the transmissibility of the previously discovered coronaviruses with more than thirty-two mutations present in the spike protein of the Omicron, it is likely to spread more than it has ever been observed. If we are to make a comparison between the previous variants and the current virus, it is likely to cause more devastation if not handled wisely. The current vaccines are said to have lesser effectiveness towards curbing the escalating spread of the virus. There have been recommendations from scientists across the globe and reviews by WHO on the administration of a booster dose to the vaccinated population calling for a higher rate of manufactures in order to save the global population.

A switch towards E-Commerce platforms

The pandemic-related restrictions that were introduced in businesses a year before have enabled the global business for a paradigm shift towards a digitized economy causing the traditional business models to get a backseat. On the other hand, it has been able to generate lots of opportunities for cross-border E-Commerce through sales diversification online. Now, it’s time we need to draw up a perfect setup in a digital platform where the E-commerce firms can be brewed so as to keep the economy in motion despite an upcoming predicted third wave of pandemics. This calls for the urgent need to shift from brick and mortar business models to widely increasing E-commerce platforms. E-commerce platforms need to revamp themselves with all the digital toolkits and attract the attention of the investors towards the digitization of the platform. There should be a properly fashioned room for the smaller players which are the E-Commerce start-ups where they are well nurtured and are not dwarfed by the digital giants. The prevailing technologies could be a thrust to any industry but sharp-witted are those who dwell upon the talent questions arising from the new digital business skillsets which is something the newly emerging E-commerce firms should consider for their viability in the market ensuring a competitive, well functioning environment especially in the communications, logistics, trade, etc.

Mirror to the society

The COVID-19 crisis has presented before us a huge mirror to our society where we can visualize the existing loopholes of the system. So there is a dire requirement of the academicians, economists, business tycoons to ponder upon the issues, analyze and fashion effective models including the global population within it.

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