It Is Predicted That Rising Obesity Will Hurt Developing Economies: Is It True?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 23, 2022

Obesity is considered to be a major kind of health condition. Obesity due to people’s bad eating habits and lifestyle habits will have a side effect on the global economy. This is projected to be around 3.3% of the GDP by 2060. A huge amount of impact would be felt in the lower-income countries. It is essential to understand in the first place that this would be having a very bad effect on the health of the people, which would be getting compromised in every possible way. 

There has been a lot of research on Obesity, and it has been discovered that this is one of the worst health conditions which promote the body to get infected with the help of different non-infectious diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Accordingly, it is high time to think about your health and develop different solutions to prevent the health condition.

How Does Obesity Affect GDP? 

Understanding the basics of these principles is essential in the first place. Around 2.2% of the global GDP comes from countries with low resource incidence. In fact, due to the poor focus on health in these countries, Obesity is likely to increase the incidence of diseases like cancer and diabetes. The research conducted by the University of Michigan confirms this risk to be around 70%.

It Is Predicted That Rising Obesity Will Hurt Developing Economies

 In such a situation, a person loses the efficiency to function properly and contributes the best towards the economy and economic activities. The lack of workforce participation in economic activities brings down the gross domestic product of any place, affecting the global economy in the long run. The economies of the United States of America and India, including China, are expected to experience the highest proportion of cases related to Obesity, and hence the maximum downfall of GDP would be experienced by these countries only. 

Even the country of the United Arab Emirates is likely to lose 11% of its GDP due to Obesity. It is believed that the increase in Obesity is often associated with a decrease in productivity. That is why the economy of a place can function properly. Improving the people’s livelihood is the only objective of a country, but due to all of these obstacles, this sustainable goal becomes a distant goal to achieve. 

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How to get rid of this problem? 

It is very useful to get rid of the problem in the first place. This can be only possible when the government is taking collective steps with the medical healthcare facilities to increase awareness about Obesity amongst the people. This would help them to lose weight and also become much more productive. 

According to a study, Obesity usually decreases the efficiency of the human body by 15%, and this percentile increases with increasing weight. Accordingly, the time has come for the government to develop a comprehensive solution that would help eliminate this Complex disease. It is helpful to get the benefits a person has been looking forward to over time. It is a crucial step not only for the national government but also for the Global government because if all of these steps are not enforced within time, then the risk to the global economy would increase. 


It can be concluded that this is the most effective outplay of information that the government must consider before evaluating the current status of health conditions. All the possible kinds of benefits have to be achieved with the help of this process. It is an essential measure that will have an impact on people over a period of time. 


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