Educating People About Obesity And Health

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 23, 2022

Dr. Will Oakley has managed to come up with the latest issue. It is essential to mention that according to the video of a woman who was updated on 16th August 2022, wherein she was fat-shamed by a medical health expert, the medical industry has to change its attitude towards some the problems like obesity. This doctor has taken up the same issue. According to the doctor’s press release, the medical industry must handle specific issues compassionately. 

Issuances That Have To Be Discussed 

However, most medical communication between the health workers and the patients does not happen in the way it should. It is important to note that obesity is a help problem that lousy lifestyle habits cannot always cause. Despite trying his best to lose weight, a person often cannot lose the same due to some inherent body problems beyond the available treatment. 

Educating People About Obesity and Health

It is essential to understand that when a patient comes up to the doctor, they do not want to feel insulted but want to feel a kind of assurance that everything will be put back to place and they will be able to recover soon. But a recent incident in which a half-naked woman, while undergoing treatment for skin issues, was insulted by the doctor for having not cared about her weight has ignited this issue amongst many people. It is essential to discuss and hold a public debate because it is against the fundamental human rights of dignity and respect. 

Issue of weight

The weight issue can be very delicate and sensitive for some individuals trying to lose weight, but despite every kind of effort, they do not lose the same. It can be because of slow metabolism or any other genetic disorder they face. In such a situation, the individuals can realize that they have a considerable risk of cardiovascular diseases and also developing other complications in the heart. 

But they cannot do anything except be on medication that at least helps to control the weight. This is very useful for achieving the given result. Weight may also be increased to sedentary habits, and at the same time, it may also cause a tremendous amount of disruption in the body’s basic functioning. This particular study has brought forward the psychological impact of being overweight, and the same has to be tackled very delicately. This has to be monitored in light of the increasing amount of awareness that will reduce the mental disturbance to any individual due to body shaming. 

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This particular solution can be developed only with the help of a healthy conversation between the health officials and the patients. This communication should be helpful to provide a sign of relief and comfort to the individual so that at least his mental well-being is insured during treatment. But sadly, the state of affairs does not provide any statistics in which this particular factor is taken off. It has to be made widely feasible amongst the individuals so that it becomes easy for the elements to get countered. 


It has to be mentioned that this is one of the most valuable and essential criteria, with the help of which a new way of hope can be developed. This is useful for bringing a better light to the scope of controlling weight and providing for mental well-being in a much better way. All of this is useful for the next level to provide results in the minimum amount of time. This study must be made global, and the effects of the same should be studied over some time. 


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