American Entrepeneur Julia Haart And Silvio Scaglia Haart Ended Their Marriage Life With Divorce, See What Happened Between Them?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 14, 2022

Julia Haart has ended the relationship with her hubby Silvio Scaglia Haart after nearly three years of married life. The announcement surprised many fans, especially because it showed how cinematic their romance looked onscreen. 

Julia Haart And Silvio Scaglia Are Splitting Away After Messy Relationship

Julia Haart and Silvio’s love story is one that fans enjoyed in When Harry Met Sally & Groundhog Day before they appeared live on Netflix’s reality show My Unorthodox Life.

American Entrepeneur Julia Haart And Silvio Scaglia Haart Ended Their Marriage Life With Divorce

Julia Haart Wants Every Option Available to Women

Julia met Silvio after quitting her Orthodox Jewish community & establishing Julia Haart Shoes in 2013. Her footwear brand had the opportunity to collaborate with La Perla, who was CEO of an Italian luxury underwear company. She was later hired as design director at La Perla in 2016. It wasn’t much before the two began to disagree.

“First-year [of living together] was just really compromising,” she told Women’s Health last year. Both became good friends after knowing each other well. “We began to get to know one another, and I grew to appreciate him,” Julia added. Their love grew into something much more, and the couple got married in June of 2019.

The two are squabbling in court

According to Page Six in law, sources have reported that Julia and Silvio didn’t write an agreement, which means the divorce might be troublesome. Julia then filed a case for a protection order against Silvio on February 10. According to Page Six, Julia stated in court records that she is “scared for her security and the protection of her kids, some of whom dwell with her.”

“I have been an emotional mess for fear of his coming to my home regularly day or night,” the fashion mogul continued. He recently fired me from our collectively owned firm without cause, turned off my credit cards, and made unfounded claims against me.”

“I told him about his abusive conduct in January 2022, telling him that if anybody knew the way he acts and talks to me, they might believe he is a disgusting person”. In reaction, he threatened me, saying, ‘I will murder you if you ever speak to the public about how I behave with you or the kids.’”

In a letter, Marty Singer, Julia’s lawyer, stated that “The allegations concerning Julia Haart are unfounded and are an attempt by Silvio Scaglia to divert attention away from his record of disastrous ventures. The only company still held by Scaglia that has any worth is the one controlled by Haart, who takes over the running of the firm and increases its valuation from $90 million to $500 million.”

Julia and Silvio were recently spotted on Instagram together

Despite their recent divorce, the couple has encouraged each other on social media.

Silvio posted Julia’sphoto on Instagram in September 2021, writing, “So happy of my darling @ juliahaart in the @ theellenshow today!” Julia also shared a photo of herself standing at the back of the car with Silvio last week.

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