An Alleged Attack Prompts Selma Blair To Seek Restraining Orders Against Her Ex-boyfriend Ron Carlson, Check Out More

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 12, 2022

According to reports, Ronald Carlson, Selma Blair’s ex-boyfriend, is accused of assaulting her at her home. According to reports, she’s done just that. “It was on February 22 that he arrived in my house to return the television set that I had given him,” the Legally Blonde star revealed.

Blair To File For Restraining Orders Against His Ex-Boyfriend Carlson

There was a verbal altercation that turned into a violent one between the two of them, according to court filings. The actor was briefly knocked out, according to the records, by her ex-partner.

An Alleged Attack Prompts Selma Blair To Seek Restraining Orders Against Her Ex-boyfriend Ron Carlson

Restraining order: Selma Blair filed one on her ex-boyfriend

When Selma Blair and Ronald Carlson got into a fight on February 25, People magazine reported on it. On February 25, a protective order was issued detailing the circumstances leading up to the incident that resulted in Blair’s injury. Carlson went to Blair’s residence after finishing her multiple sclerosis medication just a few minutes earlier.

Blair informed Carlson that she wasn’t feeling well after exchanging their keys. Later, Blair stated Carlson abused her by claiming that she was “useless” and that he could do better than her. According to the news of New York Daily, the ex-partner leaped “on top of her body when she was lying prone on the sofa” in the documents. 

Blair claims Carlson, with whom she had a seven-year relationship, arrived at her home to return a television. According to People, they got into a brawl when a verbal spat turned physical.

The actress also told the court that she briefly lost her sense of time when her ex struck her. Carlson “strangled her, throttled her, and aggressively shook her head and shoulder,” according to her report.

During the altercation, Carlson allegedly threatened to kill her and admitted to keeping an unregistered and loaded gun in his home, which he had failed to disclose to authorities. Carlson allegedly sought an injunction against his ex-girlfriend, but the request was denied.

According to a Feb. 25 court document, the “Anger Management” actress said that was the only time Carlson had been reported to have shoved or slapped her.

Even so, the LAPD requested a five-day emergency protection order so that Blair could petition for an emergency restraining order before the five-day period expired. Because of this, people could not accomplish specific activities before the emergency order had passed.

According to her petition, after she concluded intravenous therapy for her multiple sclerosis, Carlson returned home. Blair claims he returned her television and key. He requested the return of his extra house key, according to the paperwork. Then, enraged, he attacked her while she lay on the couch, determined to reclaim his prize.

This is what Blair says in the document: Carlson leaped on top of me, choked me, shook me with both of my arms, and knocked my head on the floor.

After that, he slapped her across the face, causing her to lose blood from her nose. That she put her hand on his face and put her mouth or eyes on his is documented. He allegedly covers her mouth and face; then, he is said to have shoved her onto the couch.

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