The Kardashian’s Edit Irritates Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker!!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 11, 2022

The engagement of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker ought to have been about them; instead, the new bride claims that editing on Hulu’s The Kardashians put much too much focus on the probable misery of Kourt’s ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick. According to TooFab, Kourtney, 43, made her comments while conversing with a family friend named Stephanie Shepherd. She said that she and Scott didn’t like having “drama” surrounding them when they were shooting the episode that included their romantic proposal on the beach.

“We shoot and have the nicest time ever, and we’ve been watching the edits, and we’re just so upset because they’re swirling us in with this drama,” Kourtney said to Stephanie. “Let’s take Kourtney; she’s the chosen one to be the drama,” the editors or anyone else is perceiving that as saying, “Let’s take Kourtney.”

The Kardashian’s Edit Irritates Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker!!!

Kourtney’s episodic confessional made it clear that the Kardashian sisters are executive producers on the family’s upcoming Hulu series. Since they are executive producers, they have early screening rights, which allows them to guarantee that “our stories are being conveyed.”

The Kardashian's Edit Irritates Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker!!!

A flashback to the episode showed Kendall Jenner. However, after watching the engagement episode, the couple was unhappy, as they thought that momentary concern for Scott co-opted their moment. They watched the episode and felt that a temporary problem for Scott co-opted their moment.

That night, when it came up, I didn’t think to myself, “God, everyone’s such a —ing jerk for bringing this up,” because it wasn’t a part of that night; instead, it was just about two seconds of that night.

 Kourtney resumed her conversation with Stephanie by saying, “I didn’t even remember it until I watched the edit of the program.”

When asked what she hoped would happen in the following episode, she said, “I wish they would remove it and include it in the next episode to show their respect and allow us to have our time!” This has to be removed and placed in the next episode, give us our respect,” she hoped.

It wasn’t like half of the night as it’s supposed to be on an episode, which was disappointing. The reality star legend even said that she wished they would cut out the overdone scene.

The real-life storybook that it is. I do not want to come out as insensitive. We have been apart for the last seven years, and everything is OK. It is OK for me to make new memories and try fresh approaches to old problems.

The creator of Poosh expressed her displeasure with how the edited version highlighted an “old” storyline involving Mason, Penelope, and Reign’s biological father. She explained that by doing so, one is “investing into something that doesn’t exist” and “supporting this old narrative.” “It should be an inspiring episode about me breaking out of toxic relationships and having this fairytale love story that is my truth,” she said. 

Even though it may have caused Kourtney and Travis some annoyance, it in no way diminished the overall happiness they felt when they famously tied the knot on May 22 in a ceremony held in Portofino, Italy, following a rehearsal in Las Vegas and a legal ceremony in Santa Barbara, California.

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