Katie Couric’s Breast Cancer Story Highlights The Screening Importance

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 7, 2022

Katie Couric is a renowned television journalist who didn’t shy away from sharing her breast cancer story with people. She had been brave in sharing her story which inspired a lot of women to not neglect any odd signs related to their best.

She revealed that she had breast cancer in June 2022, before that she also aired a colonoscopy to help spread awareness and a lot of people went for colonoscopies to detect early disease.

Katie Couric’s Breast Cancer Tale Emphasises The Value Of Screening

She revealed that she went for a breast mammogram which was recorded for people and to spread awareness because she had a dense breast. She had to go for one additional screening breast ultrasound.

She underwent a breast biopsy (a needle is put in to extract a sample tissue for the test).

Katie Couric's Breast Cancer Story Highlights The Screening Importance

she had a family history of cancer her remarks shifted from why me? to “why not me ?” After she got the confirmation she had cancer and she needed to plan for proper treatment.

She remarked during her procedure that she felt privileged and lucky to have access to screening and treatment.

Her revelation of breast cancer awarded a lot of women to get a screening for breast cancer.

She told her family about her breast cancer, they went into a state of depression hearing this news, and Katie assured her kids she’ll be fine.

Katie’s doctors recommend a lumpectomy, they would make an incision and remove the lump and follow which they’ll follow radiation therapy and medications. She was advised not to bathe for 5 days after surgery and skip swimming 3 weeks after surgery. Her radiation began around September and the session would usually go for 10 min after that she felt her breast was doing fine. 

She shared her story with people to urge them to undergo screening regularly to prevent serious complications to their lives and their loved ones. She could not let go of this opportunity to spread awareness and prevent lives.

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How she delayed her screening 

She delayed her screening during covid 19 pandemic and heard a lot of women skipped their routine breast screening during the pandemic. Studies also show that the screening of patients fell by 6% during the pandemic which can affect cancer diagnosis and prognosis.

Early detection can help choose better treatment options and decrease complications.

Insights into breast cancer SCREENING!! 

Breast cancer screening is a process that helps diagnose early signs of breast cancer, it does not reduce the risk of cancer but it certainly helps with early diagnosis, fewer complications, and a better prognosis.

Doctors suggest women of the age group 50 to 75 years old who are at high risk to get breast cancer screening done at regular intervals. Usually, it is done using a mammogram. For further diagnosis of women with dense breast tissue, they undergo breast ultrasound. 

Around 40 % of women have dense breast tissue which makes it hard for a mammogram to give a significant diagnosis, women have to undergo other screening procedures and tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Catie revealed her condition before the start of breast cancer awareness month, her journey shed light on health concerns women are facing and how it goes undiagnosed most of the time, no one should delay their breast screening she suggested.

Studies suggest that after she revealed her condition the number of cases for screening for cancer went higher which showed the positive aspect of awareness. 

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