Kelly McGillis Weight Loss – How Much Weight Did Kelly Lose?

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Kelly McGillis (Kelly Ann McGillis)is a Los Angeles-based American actress who performed on stage and on screen. Born in 1957, this American actress is renowned for her roles in the 1985 super hit Witness.

She appeared as Rachel Lapp in the film and has received nominations for Golden Globe and BAFTA. McGillis even appeared in numerous hits of the ’80s like Top Gun(1986), Made in Heaven(1987), The House on Carroll Street(1988), The Accused(1988), etc.

Kelly McGillis’s Weight Loss-This Transformation Will Inspire You!

The actress, born in Southern California, was the eldest daughter of Virginia Joan and Donald Manson McGillis, a physician. She was raised in Los Angeles and completed her college in California at the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria.

Kelly McGillis Weight Loss

She dropped from high school in 1975 after receiving a GED. Immediately after this, McGillis moved to New York City to study acting at the Juilliard School and graduated in 1983. The actress’ debut film Reuben Reuben was released the same year after her graduation. And from here on her career changed a lot as an actress. 

After her busy career as an actress, she took a break in the 90s for a few years. The reason for her break from her acting career appears to be her role in the film Cat Chaser with Peter Weller. She hated the film, and it even dissuaded her from continuing her career as an actress. Before the pause in her career, McGillis appeared in a dozen television and film shows. 

But after a short pause, McGillis came back on screen with some of her best roles and even appeared in horror films like Stake Land(2010), The Innkeepers(2011), and We Are What We Are(2013).          

NameKelly McGillis
Date Of Birth 9 July 1957 
Birth PlaceCalifornia, United States
Height1.78 m

Kelly McGillis’s Net Worth?

The American screen and stage actress has made quite a good fortune from her acting career. All those movies she has been featured in made her a renowned actress and helped her achieve critical acclaim in her acting career.

She was one of the most adorable actresses of the 90s and is known for her roles that raised her to worldwide fame and recognition. 

As of the latest estimate, Kelly McGillis has acquired a net worth of $10 million from her acting career. She was nominated for several awards and has been a prominent presence in this industry for a long time. She has been working in this field for around 45 years since her debut.

Most of the TV shows and films the actress has been a part of were quite a success and helped her acquire wealth and fame. Currently, she is teaching acting to the upcoming generation and is working as an acting teacher in North Carolina.

She owns numerous properties around America and presently lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina, in a beautiful house. The actress even owns a place in Florida that she visits quite often.

McGillis has a love for cars and owns a few even though she never drives much often these days. Her garage includes a Chevrolet Camaro SS, Ford Mustang, Mercedes Benz, etc.

Kelly McGillis Weight Loss Journey

Lately, there has been a broad discussion going on regarding McGillis’s weight loss. A wide variety of rumors had spread during this time regarding the actress’ reason for weight loss. And one among them was connected to the Top Gun Sequel released earlier this year. 

McGillis fans were disappointed to know that the actress won’t be a part of the movie sequel any longer. And most of them believed that this was because of the actress’ present condition.

Since she has become too old and fat, they believed that she wouldn’t be a perfect fit for the role as she was in her 80s and 90s. Also, when asked about the collaboration with the film, she even disclosed that she was never contacted by the team.

She even said that she was not expecting a visit or request from the team as she was very well aware of her present condition. 


The actress has gained a lot of weight over the past couple of years and her sudden weight loss has created huge speculation among the netizens.

Everybody was so curious to know the actual reason behind her weight loss transformation. Some of them even wanted to learn how the actress lost these many pounds of weight so quickly and wanted her to share her secrets.

But as of now, the reason and weight loss routine for this surprising weight loss transformation is not let out by McGillis.        

Reasons To Lose Weight

As mentioned above, no reasons regarding the weight loss were let out or disclosed by the actress till now. Several speculations regarding weight loss are going around in the Hollywood media. But until today, nothing was confirmed. 

According to a few netizens, a rumor was out about the actress’ depression after losing a role in the Top Gun Sequel. And it is believed that this could be a reason why she took on a weight loss journey.

The actress has stepped out of her stardom for the past few years and is enjoying her private life. She is not much active on social media and is even suspected to have lost weight due to some other reasons.    

Kelly McGillis Then And Now 

McGillis was one of the most adored Hollywood actresses of the 80s and 90s. She was such a beauty that she gained huge respect from her fans and colleagues.

As a successful actress, McGillis has acquired quite a significant fame and fan base in her career. Due to aging, she has gained a lot of weight during the past few years.

Also, she has stepped out from the celebrity life and currently, enjoys her new life as an acting teacher. These then and now images of the actress show the changes McGillis has gone through in her life. 

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Kelly McGillis’s Personal Life

Before entering Hollywood, McGillis married Boyd Black, a fellow Juilliard student in 1979. Since their relationship didn’t go well, the couple got divorced in 1981.

Later, she married Fred Tillman in 1989 and gave birth to two daughters Kelsey and Sonora. Her relationship with Tillman also didn’t last long, thus they got divorced in 2002. 

Kelly McGillis’s Personal Life

Another major shocking incident that took place in the life of McGillis was the 1982 rape. The actress was raped in her New York apartment by two men.

Leroy Johnson(aged 15 at the time) was convicted to three years in prison while the other attacker was discharged due to the lack of supportive evidence.       

In 2009, McGillis disclosed herself as a lesbian while attending an interview. And in 2010, she took on a civil union with Melanie Leis, a Philadelphian sales executive. Both met in 2000 as Leis was a bartender at the actress’ Caribbean Bar Grill & Brewery in Key West, Florida. But that relationship also didn’t work so well and ended the succeeding year.

The actress even worked full-time with drug addicts and alcoholics at a rehabilitation center in Bridgeton, New Jersey. Also, in 2016, McGillis underwent a home invasion and was left with scratches and bruises. 


After going through much about the personal life of the actress, it is confirmed that McGillis hasn’t undergone any weight loss challenge.

Instead, it was some cooked-up story built for the sake of media coverage. From this article, it is clear that there is no such thing called ‘Kelly McGillis Weight Loss Journey or any secret effortless weight loss routines. McGillis is leading a happy life doing what she loves and not enjoying many media outbreaks. Thus, it is better to give some space for the actress than to bring up some cooked-up stories. 

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