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Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 18, 2022

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are the brains behind the Kibo Eclipse Training. In this article let us look at their story and find out who they are. 

Who Are They?

Kibo Eclipse e-commerce Authors

👉🏼Aidan Boothe

Aidan Boothe is a well-known entrepreneur who owns and runs several companies and online businesses. He got into the internet marketing world when he set up his first site, Quick-Flowers.com. Then in 2005, he came up with another site, the Tango Website which took him a step closer to his first online sale. 

Later, Aidan began small affiliate websites and e-commerce websites to which he sent paid traffic using the Google facility. With these sites, it was like he cracked the internet marketing code and then, Aidan created his system called ‘Factory’ which included a team of writers, image designers, website builders, and a project manager who developed new sites eventually leading to almost 1500+ websites.

It was around this same time that Aidan began providing live training online to aspiring online marketers on how to get income through niche websites. This he did with the help of his mentor,  Brian G. Johnson. After a period of setbacks, his business rose to its current state.

Today, Aidan Boothe runs various successful businesses online along with his business partner Steve Clayton.

👉🏼Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton is a well-known internet marketer who has amassed a large following on the internet. Although it’s worth remembering that Steve Clayton had some success previous to commencing online marketing. He was born and raised in the United States, and before considering online marketing, he followed the usual path to success. Steve was the CFO of a Fortune 500 company and had many years of corporate expertise. Today, Steve Clayton runs various online businesses along with his partner Aidan Booth.

Their Success Story

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton’s success story begins with their partnership that started in 2013. Aidan with his online business strategies and Steve with his smart planning processes and great insight achieved more success and could open many more doors to tactful businesses. They started diversifying their businesses with a better plan and structure that offered new dimensions.

The Pillars

Steve and Aidan have created a variety of internet businesses that fit into a few broad categories, which they refer to as their ‘Pillars’. 

1. Niche Websites & eCommerce Stores-

These stores are a steady source of revenue for them. Although the internet has changed dramatically since 2005, the foundations of how to set up and operate these types of websites have remained remarkably consistent.

2. Online Marketing Training & Consulting Services-

Steve and Aidan also offer online marketing training and consulting services to beginners who wish to succeed in these fields. These training sessions teach how to build niche sites according to each person’s comfort and convenience. Online Marketing Classroom, a monthly subscription that helps thousands of people start, grow, and run online businesses, is at the heart of their training programs.

3. Small Business Marketing-

They provide a mix of marketing, consulting, and services to small businesses all over the world. In 2019, they took this to an advanced level by franchising their ‘local marketing agency’ operation, and now have hundreds of local marketing agency franchises across the United States, Canada, Australia,  the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

4. Physical Product Brands-

In 2013, Steve and Aidan embarked on a journey to create their physical brands. They started creating and selling their products and services under their brand labels. Since 2013, they have created four main brands, each with its unique product line. These are sold online (Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, etc.) as well as in stores like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and other large physical stores across the United States.

5. Software as a Service-

They sell many software solutions on a subscription basis. NetBlaze, a solution to the marketing dilemma that small business owners encounter, is an example of one of these. Others include conversion optimization tools, page builders, and other tools built expressly for web publishers.

6. Hosting & Domain Registration-

Float Hosting is a hosting and domain name registration firm that Steve and Aidan started. Float Hosting serves thousands of customers as well as in-house needs, despite being relatively obscure in the world of big companies that provide hosting and name registration (think HostGator, GoDaddy, etc.).

These 6 pillars work separately and contribute significantly to their online income and success. 

The Whole Crew

Their business has also evolved with the constant support and hard work of the crew members. Aidan began virtual hiring and recruitment of people from the Philippines to outsource individual works for each project. This was the turning point in their businesses which led to a permanent structured system that is seen today.

Now, their companies hire around 61 employees who come from various geographical areas such as the USA, UK, Ireland, Pakistan, China, India, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Canada, Philippines, Romania, and Mexico.

Aidan and Steve’s Upcoming Product Launch

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have launched many programs namely, the Kibo Code Quantum course, 7 Figure Cycle, Parallel Profits, 100k Factory, and more. They are about to launch a new program, Kibo Eclipse, within a few days this January. 

Kibo Eclipse is an online live training course that aims to teach people about advertising, starting an eCommerce store, and how to make a consistent income online. The program includes components that provide the right ideas for setting up ideal online businesses. These components help people to take full advantage of the  Kibo Eclipse system.

The first impression of the Kibo Eclipse is favorable and now we have to wait for what is in store for us. 

The Duo and their Contribution

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton’s journey in online marketing and businesses is remarkable and they have launched many programs and training courses that have contributed significantly to beginners in the business field. If you are someone interested in doing business online, Aidan and Steve’s guidance will help you reach places.

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