Kylie Jenner’s New Baby Body Almost Bursts Out Of Her Latex Bodysuit In The TikTok Video!!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : April 22, 2022

While promoting the KylieSkin Lip oils, Kylie Jenner has shown a lot of skin. The reality star almost jumped out of a tiny latex top in the video showcasing the products. The products of KylieSkin are now accessible in the strawberry, passion fruit flavors, and pomegranate, and The Kardashians star almost popped out of the tight-fitting latex top while she tried one for herself.

Just two months after giving birth to her second child, she looks fantastic during the 20-second clip that utilizes the Doja Cat’s ‘Woman’ as a soundtrack. Kylie, 24, is first seen wearing a matching crop top and loungewear bottoms with the green slippers, before she parks her blue 4X4 car in the garage, while the camera aims at her show-stealing pink fingernails.

“Kylie Jenner’s New Baby Body Nearly Bursts Out Of Latex Top In TikTok Video”- The Story Behind The Video!!

Next, she is revealed taking a selfie with friends, before attention switches to her sizeable shoe assortment and a clothes rail full of outfits. She then checks her hair utilizing a phone, while sitting in a white bathrobe that presented her legs.

Kylie Jenner New Baby Body Nearly Bursts Out Of Latex Top In TikTok Video

Kylie Jenner closely bursts out of a tiny latex top in a jaw-dropping new TikTok video, just two months after her son’s birth. As Doja Cat sings about admiring “my lips and waist”, Kylie has the oil functional to her luscious lips and is then seen in the pink, form-fitting latex bodysuit and the video ends shortly after. Fans on TikTok went viral with the clip, which racked up more than 850,000 likes and 5,000 comments within eight hours of uploading.

Kylie Jenner gave birth to her second child with husband Travis Scott two months ago and they also have a four-year-old named Stormi. They originally named their newborn son Wolf Webster, but soon decided that wouldn’t be his everlasting name, although Kylie acknowledged earlier this month that they hadn’t altered it on his birth certificate yet.

Also this month, the makeup guru was defendant for editing a video of her flat stomach, along with a claim that she was recurring to her pre-baby body. Kylie wrote on Instagram: “My abs here are finally trying to make a comeback.”

But some fans have claimed that it would be impossible for her to have toned her abs so soon after giving birth. Meanwhile, a month earlier, she had been admired for sharing a photo of her stretch marks with her baby’s feet inactive on her tummy.

The new mom has shared manifold clips of her exercising to get her body back, even talking about numerous struggles she’s been through. But according to Dr. Hina, Kylie Jenner has been working very hard to get back her pre-baby body: “With the help of a strict diet as well as a training program, Kylie has sustained her figure after giving birth. Being active prior to pregnancy and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen during pregnancy to limit the weight gain has positively helped create this look.”

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