Lauren Graham and Peter Krause Started Dating While They Appeared Together On Parenthood As Sibling

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 18, 2022

The two initially met in 1995 while both starred on a similar sitcom, Caroline in the City. Despite their “instant connection,” the actors finally opted to form a relationship because of their similar shyness. Lauren Graham with Peter Krause has a personal romance timeline.

Parenthood Stars Lauren Graham And Peter Krause Begun Dating When Played As Sibling In Reel Life

When Graham and Krause appeared together at the 2002 Screen Actors Guild Awards, they ran towards each other. Moreover, the mates landed parts on Parenthood in 2010, the stars aligned for them. The show aired on NBC until 2015.

While co-starring on Parenthood in 2010, Graham and Krause began dating. She explained that nobody knew about it for a time because they loved to be at home. 

Lauren Graham and Peter Krause Started Dating While They Appeared Together On Parenthood As Sibling

There was also cooking in the October 2010 narrative and not going out. She’s been very protective of it since he needs to buy them on the show as brother and sister.

In a March 2014 interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist star discussed her future intentions with the Catch alum. She had no idea! They are ecstatic, and she raves about them. She feels like she’s been in Hollywood for close to five years, and she’s like, aren’t they married already?.

In February 2016, the twosome attended the Broadway premiere of Mae Whitman’s play, which she starred in on Parenthood. They’ve got to stick together, Bravermans. #supportivefamily #extremelylucky, the Good Girls actress posted on Instagram. 

In the much-anticipated Gilmore Girls reboot, Krause appears as a park ranger. Gilmore Girls in the Life was introduced in November 2016. Meanwhile, Graham reprised his role as Lorelai.

In January 2020, the couple made a remarkable red carpet presence at the Golden Globe Awards. While posing for photos, the 9-1-1 star warmly cheered on the author of Talking as Fast as I Can.

In a February 2020 essay with Krause, Graham gave a rare insight into her personal life. She enjoys all types of crossword puzzles and word and spelling games. But since Peter does, we’ve agreed that she will get the crossword on Sunday. 

But he’ll get one next week. She said that he watches the Spelling Bee on a regular Sunday, and she gets the Sudoku. They pass the papers around and take a break from their phones to listen to music or ‘This American Life.’

She also talked about how she’s easily sidetracked, particularly on the internet. Peter attributes some of it to her revealing that he is a Pisces. She leaves the fridge door open for the millionth time. He used to say that one fish goes this way while the other fish goes that way.

In April 2021, Graham revealed her relationship with Krause on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She was put to the test after they had been apart for nearly five months. 

She was imprisoned with her son due to the coronavirus epidemic. She returns from employment in Vancouver. She believes in making re-entry more difficult. 

It seemed as if they were a married pair. And they said that They don’t do it like that anymore. She is content with where she is currently and is open to whatever the future holds.

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