When Is The Release Of Liam Neeson’s Upcoming Film ‘Memory (2022)’?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : April 28, 2022

Foreign-language film remakes in Hollywood are nothing new. Classics that can stand on their own two feet, some these films have become (see: “The Departed”). If you’re looking for an adaptation of “The Guilty,” a Danish criminal thriller with the same name, look no further than “The Guilty,” directed by Antoine Fqua.

When Is The Release Date For Liam Neeson’s Next Film, Memory (2022)?

“Memory,” one of Liam’s most recent action-movie and action-star projects, is not a rewrite of a Danish original. “The Alzheimer Case,” a Belgian crime thriller written and directed by Erik Van Looy and based on the book “De Zaak Alzheimer” by Jef Geeraerts, is the latest European film to be remade. The film is also in complete harmony with the remainder of his post-“Taken” oeuvre, for both positive and negative reasons….

When Is The Release Of Liam Neeson's Upcoming Film 'Memory (2022)'

Open Road Films has set the release date of “Memory” for April 29th, 2022. In 2012, Neeson was a cast member of filmmaker Joe Carnahan’s “The Grey,” which was Open Road’s second release after the studio was founded in March of that year. However, “The Grey” was a huge critical and financial success, making over three times its initial $25 million budget. The trailers’ misleading content portrayed the survival story of Carnahan as more focused on pondering the nature of death and life and less concerned with having Neeson fight wolves.

Liam N. Neeson’s action films have been a specialty for Open Road Films in recent years. Two Neeson-directed action flicks (Honest Thief and The Marksman) have already been released since the pandemic began. Three months before the release of “Memory,” it will release “Blacklight.” However, as long as people keep flocking to see his low-budget shoot-em-ups, Open Road looks happy to keep making them.

Alex Lewis, a professional killer-for-hire who gets into trouble for refusing to fulfill a task that goes against his moral code of conduct, is played by Neeson in “Memory.” With no other choice, Alex sets out to kill the hired criminals while an FBI agent is on the hunt for him. In addition, Alex’s memory is deteriorating, making him unclear of what is right and wrong.

One of the films in which the protagonist is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s development is “The Alzheimer’s Case,” and “Memory” borrows heavily from that concept. As in his most recent action pictures, this portrays Cruise’s character’s aging in a natural way rather than in a haphazard fashion, as in many of his previous film appearances. When Cruise was 54, Russell Crowe made a joke about his being a “young man” in “The Mummy.” Like “Memory,” this film gives Liam Neeson something to think about when he’s not shooting his opponents or yelling threats with jokes.

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