‘Literally Got Patients In Corridors’: Hospital Remain Overstretched

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 13, 2022

This hospital situation is still not controlled even after a drop in the number of solid cases altogether. It is essential to comprehend that hospitalizations and covid cases are no doubt lower than in February. However, the medical staff is still not in a state of Wellness due to excessive burden. 

According to the latest update, it has come into being that the number of covid patients once again has increased, but this time it is flu as well. The combined result of this arrangement is that the individual is no longer able to stay protected despite the integrated administration of so many vaccines. The burden on the medical facilities is still not decreasing because even after covid has been reduced, the cases associated with flu and other types of seasonal infection keep increasing.

Reasons For Increasing Healthcare Burden

The burdens on health care are increasing for many reasons. For example, viral infections and infections related to flu are rising due to the change of season. 

A lot of people did not visit the hospitals at the time of covid-19 because they wanted to prevent themselves from every kind of infection, but to be after waiting for so long, their medical condition has got worsened which is why they are now visiting the hospital. 

'Literally Got Patients In Corridors': Hospital Remain Overstretched

In such a situation, genetically modified diseases are also increasing and hence are taking up a substantial part of the time of the medical facilities. Accordingly, a new kind of shift in the entire focus of medical facilities is also towards measles and increasing cases of different types of chronic health illnesses which were not expected to overcome humanity anytime soon. 

Factors that matter

The biggest concern for the government now is to control the situation at any cost because a huge burden has been posed upon these kinds of people. The government is arranging for a mass vaccination drive as a part of which vaccination would be provided to the people suffering from one or the other kind of infection. 

The government is now also increasing its focus on improving the mental health condition of many people because the increasing cases of hypertension and other associated mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety are also coming forward. 

In light of all of these factors, this will now take a toll on the medical health facilities of the country until and unless a concrete solution with the same is not developed anytime soon. This concrete solution would be created only when sufficient health facilities are designed and the government tries to focus on the root cause of the problem. 

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Ways to tackle

This medical crisis is taking the time of the medical fraternity. The pandemic is over, but definitely, the world is open to accepting additional types of infection, be it monkeypox Or any other kind of viral infection. In light of these arrangements, it is crucial to develop a strategy so that a sufficient amount of focus can also be made on the different health problems emerging today. 


This is one of the most effective and useful criteria that must be taken into consideration at every cost. It is responsible for beginning the maximum amount of impetus because it is a part of the general medical healthcare facilities that the government is expected to provide at the minimum.


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