Matthew Lawrence and Cheryl Burke’s Divorce, When They Split, How Kids Affected The  Divorce And More

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 23, 2022

According to court documents obtained, the professional dancer filed a suit in Los Angeles on February 18, 2022. Burke stated unresolved issues as the cause of their breakup and requested that she and Lawrence pay their legal bills. According to the documents, the split couple has a premarital agreement.

How Kids Factored Into Cheryl Burke And Matthew Lawrence’s Divorce

According to court documents, Burke placed the couple’s split date on January 7, 2022. The duo was last seen together in December 2021, just days before their breakup.

The duo got engaged in May 2018, married a year later in 2019, and then decided to call for divorce on February 18, 2022.

The Dancing with the Stars has been more outspoken about her divorce than her ex-husband on social media.

Matthew Lawrence and Cheryl Burke's Divorce, When They Split

While she hasn’t started why their relationship had to dissolve, she has stated that she officially did it.

It’s unknown what went wrong in the couple’s relationship. Still, Burke stated that their divorce was due to irreconcilable differences. Custody will not be a concern in this instance because the couple has no minor children.

In February 2022, the California native acknowledged the separation on Instagram. She has always stated that she is an open book to you guys. She aspires to be, and in writing this, she has recognized that there is no simple way to announce the end of her marriage. 

On February 24, the ballroom pro posted on social media. She hopes you will realize that she will not be making any additional comments at this time and requests your patience and privacy. Thank you all so much for your pleasant thoughts and support for her.

Taking a few days to go inward, think, and attempt to feel her sentiments – with the help of her partner in crime, of course. In February 2022, while revisiting the San Diego ceremony site where she and Lawrence married, Burke posted several Instagram images.

The former spouses agreed on having a family before their split, according to sources in March 2022. According to the informant, the choreographer and the Brotherly Love star are keeping divorce things secret. The cause for their split was not about having kids.

The Hot Chick star came out in March 2022 for the first 90s Con for the first time since his divorce. While giving an interview with his Boy Meets World fellow actors at the event, fans noticed Lawrence was without his wedding band.

Burke said that she was taking time off and visiting a health and wellness center three days later. Lawrence made his first public appearance in March 2022. It will be her first time visiting a health and wellness resort. Also, she’ll spend the day with Ysabella and her mother. She sent a message on Instagram. She is grateful for a whole week at the beautiful [Cal-a-Vie Health Spa].

Cheryl’s taking this time to think about the next moves and concentrate on her mental health. The source continued after the divorce.

Lawrence responded to Burke’s divorce application in early March 2022, 2 months after their relationship ended. In his plea, he requested that his ex-wife cover his legal bills. Burke, for her side, had already asked Lawrence to pay his legal bills.

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