A Migraine Nearly Forced Ally Brooke To Cancel A Concert: ‘It Was Pretty Terrible’

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 29, 2022

Ally Brooke is one of the most amazing Rockstars who is practically known for starting a journey from X Factor. Today she holds the credentials of scoring most of the hit albums that have become part of Fifth Harmony. She is the best solo artist and also an actress, including an author. But it is important to understand that the journey of any Rockstar is not that easy. It is not only about LimeLight and fancy dinners. It has a lot of pain and different types of sacrifice that a person experiences throughout the journey of the coming or Rockstar. 

In one of her latest interviews, she has finally been able to reveal the struggles she has to face during her journey. She mentioned that there were times when she had to experience migraine attacks, and some things were so serious that she had no other option than to cancel a concert. It was difficult for her to manage to work commitments in light of the existing struggle, but she had to suffer from them and work side by side so she did not lose the opportunity. 

Her Struggles

She explains that this migraine problem has been associated with her since childhood, and sometimes it becomes worse to handle. The head becomes so heavy, and a person feels like vomiting every time. It’s not even the entire part of the head that hurts in a migraine attack. Only half of the brain has to suffer, making the entire body suffer during this process.

A Migraine Nearly Forced Ally Brooke To Cancel A Concert

After the work pressure and probably the different types of commitments that she had during the initial days, the stress level increased, and hence she had to suffer from a migraine attack then. Sometimes she even has to concentrate on the work despite suffering from a terrible and severe migraine attack

He remembers those times when the producers and the directors were not considerate enough to give her any break. She had to function all by herself.

But with time, when she was able to make a huge name for herself in the industry, she finally took the audacity to cancel a concert once which was scheduled to be held in California just a couple of hours ago when she experienced extreme amounts of intolerable pain in her head due to migraine.

She remembers all of this as a part of a journey and the kind of struggles she had to undergo as a part of her success. This was one of the essential perspectives that touched the audience’s heart. 

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Sufferings and the silver lining

It is also essential to note that all this kind of suffering is not without the silver lining of achieving what a person wants. Success Never Comes so easy, and if a person wants to succeed, then that person has to function properly over time. She has been an example of how people manage different types of commitments over time when they already suffer so much, but at the end of the day, your profession demands a lot from you. 


This is one of the most important and amazing perspectives which has to be concluded over some time. She is already a celebrity star, and it takes a long time to disclose her personal challenges in the media. But she is also a fighter and will make her way anytime soon. It is expected that the people will understand this struggle and will still love her in the way they used to do because she deserves it all. 

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