My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 322, Release Date, Spoilers & Preview!!

My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 322

The Demon-Queen Wife of My Wife Lilian bestows her horrific powers on the King of the Demon Tribe in Chapter 322. In Chapter 322, Lilian bestows her heinous powers to the King of the Demon Tribe, who is subsequently killed. 

Detailed Preview, Spoilers, And Release Date For Chapter 322 Of My Wife Is A Demon Queen

Xiang Ye and Elisabeth have become targets of his newfound power, which Lilian reveals in the previous chapter and agrees to when the King of the Demon Tribe approaches her with an offer to murder them.

Lilian informs him of his resurrection, and he expresses her appreciation to her. 

According to the hooded ghost guy’s imagination, Xiang Ye is about to be slaughtered by the King of the Demon Tribe.

It has been requested that Lilian serve as the right arm of the King of the Demon Tribe in the future since he has proven that he will never let her down. He wants to make the Demon Tribe a better place. 

My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 322

When Lilian receives this response, she dispatches her warriors to gather and travel toward the Human Empire’s frontier.

Because Isabella is a member of the Demon Tribe, she is eager to meet her as soon as she can get there. One and the only thing she desires is for them to apprehend Xiang Ye and bring him back to her side.

In the previous chapter of My Wife Is a Demon-Queen, Chapter 321: My Wife Is a Demon-Queen, it was said:

Penny’s decision to go in the opposite direction of Xiang Ye and Yi Bei confounds to the two young women. Since he invited them, he phones her to find out why she will be absent from the party.

Penny believes that she should not be in the company of Xiang Ye since it is inappropriate for her. Xiang Ye is instructed to leave by Yi Bei since they have been waiting for him. 

She invites Penny to come over anytime she has the opportunity to do so. When Yi Bei and Xiang Ye arrive at the royal palace, they discover that the statue of the emperor has been taken.

Xiang Ye is bewildered as to why his statue has vanished from the face of the earth.

It is believed that someone else is to blame, and some assume that merchants who come and leave are to blame.

Sophias informs the others that a group of knights has followed them and that they should do the same thing. 

He instructed Xiang Ye to do the same to become more intimate with him. A party of knights approaches Xiang Ye, ready to combat, and Xiang Ye becomes perplexed about what is happening.

Because they are entirely unaware of what is taking place, everyone is encircled and baffled about what they have done.

Release Date:

It will be December 3, and a new chapter of My Wife Is A-Demon Queen will be released, and you can read it here. It has been revealed that Xiang Ye and Martin used deception to trick the students into scuttling long-standing cooperation with the Empire. 

The Knights of the Round Table reported that Xiang Ye and Martin would be held in detention until their scheduled trial date.

For Xiang Ye and the other members of the group, they go through everything that has been written in the proper chronological order. 

One of Adjutant’s older brothers advises Xiang Ye to keep his mouth quiet because Adjutant is doing his job and Xiang Ye is not, and he should obey.

It has been announced that My Wife Is a Demon-Queen Chapter 322 will be made available on March 14, 2017.

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