New Covid Boosters Have Been Given To Millions Of Americans

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 26, 2022

It was already in September that the government of The United States of America had built the policy of increasing the supply of covid booster doses of vaccination against covid-19. After that, this applied to all the medical hospitals and vaccination centers to achieve the universal vaccination of booster doses. 

The people of America have benefited from this program. It is probably because almost everyone has been administered the booster dose of the covid 19 vaccine. In light of the changes that are taking place presently, the efforts of the government to put up a tough front against the virus can be easily understood. 

The country of America has been one of the worst victims of the pandemic and wants to try every kind of preventive measure to save people’s lives because it has already lost so many. This vaccination drive has been successful, according to the data collected and acknowledged by the disease prevention and control center. According to the finding, nearly 4.4 million people in America have gotten the booster dose of the vaccine, and this number is very promising to demonstrate the success of the efforts of the government to build herd immunity against the virus. 

Details Of The Drive

This practically amounts to 109 million people in the country. This constitutes 50% of the population vaccinated against two doses already.

New Covid Boosters Have Been Given To Millions Of Americans

According to the vaccination drive, this supply of both the booster doses of Moderna and Pfizer was increased across the city centers and the medical camps to enhance the accessibility of the vaccination and the booster doses.

The steps and the Federal government came together to fulfill this effort, and within 3 weeks, the results have come out, and it is a matter of utmost pride that the ultimate objective has been fulfilled. 

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The Reasoning For Launching A New Drive

It was very much required that this vaccination drive for the administration of covid booster doses to the citizens of the United States of America be initiated as soon as possible because after the cases of covid-19 started subsiding and mitigating, people were getting very much clueless and lazy about the need of vaccination. Most people needed more time to visit vaccination centers after leaving their jobs. 

The government could not tolerate this kind of attitude because this country has already suffered so much. Any mistake at this point could invite the 4th wave of a covid-19 pandemic for which the United States of America was unprepared. This was one of the most important reasons for launching the vaccination drive. According to the mechanism, all the people eligible for the booster dose of the vaccine had to obtain this as soon as possible before it was too late. The eligibility had to be decided up to producing the certificate of obtaining the two vaccination doses. 

Applause From WHO

The World Health Organisation has also credited the program’s foundation by congratulating the country on achieving the Universal vaccination drive. It is an example of the government’s dedication over the period. In such a situation, the other countries must learn from the management system of America and incorporate similar policies. 


This is one of the most important majors that must be considered at every point in time before it is too late. This is a very essential step that has been launched successfully by the government of America, and it is expected that people will behave consciously for the Global Good.


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