Ohio’s Abortion Ban Temporarily Blocked By Judge

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 16, 2022

The situation in the country of the United States of America concerning the legalization and banning of abortions is in the doldrums for the time being. After the judgement that propagated the introduction of the ban on abortions, a lot of confusion prevailed in the various States concerning the endorsement of the given judgement. While some high courts have decided to initiate a ban on abortions along the lines of the decision, some Judiciary platforms want to bring a deviation and allow abortion on case to case basis. 

It has been the case of Ohio, in which a judge has blocked the temporary ban on all abortions. The judge has given the reasoning that he needs to consider the judgement of the supreme court of the United States of America concerning abortions and see to what extent that judgement can be followed in Ohio. According to this latest update, women can undergo an abortion even after 20 weeks of pregnancy. 

It is the temporary Restoration of the previous position of law that existed before the coming of the judgement by the United States supreme court. But as already mentioned, it is a temporary Ban, and nothing concrete can be said now concerning the time it will prevail. 

Details Of The Order

It is expected to be effective for 14 days. This decision has been supported by not only the women but also the health officials in the state of Ohio. It is because the judgement was expected to take away the individual liberties of the individual. The decision was practically against a woman’s right to privacy and the right to life. It was already subjected to a lot of Criticism. 

Ohio's Abortion Ban Temporarily Blocked By Judge

This period is only the beginning of a new era in which the woman would be able to exercise fundamental rights concerning her own body. Both the women and the health officials recognize some specific restraints on the right of the women to Undertake an abortion. But taking away the right altogether from the women makes no sense. This ban by the Judiciary will motivate the legislature to think about this matter again to pass a new bill or amend the existing one to relax the conditions concerning abortion in the state of Ohio. It is a good condition which will try to bring positive changes. 

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Reasoning of Democrats

For the time being, there is a complete ban on abortions, and relief has been provided only with the help of this judgement, that too, for 14 days. But according to the reasoning of the democrats, this is going to take time because many things have unfolded after the last deliberation on this subject matter. 

It was also necessary in light of the efforts made not only by the courts of the other states but also by the legislatures of the other state to amend the laws related to abortion and relax the conditions of abortion for women. After understanding the efforts made so far, it can be concluded that this can be responsible for bringing a new change in a time that can be favorable to women. 


It is highly unexpected for the time being what would be the next course of action. In light of existing factors, much interest is propounded, according to which a better relief could be provided to the women. It is only with the help of cumulative efforts that it can become possible for the individual to sustain himself properly in light of this kind of uncertainty.


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