A Double Release Of One Punch Man Volumes 25 And 26 This Season!!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : April 25, 2022

Volumes 25 and 26 of One Punch Man will not be released at the end of the year, as was widely believed. OPM fans on YouTube and Reddit were certain that the regular manga releases would never be brought back. A second volume of the manga will be issued in addition to the chapters that have already been released.

Following the enormous success of the web book, ONE has revealed the One Punch Man manga. As a result, the text became entangled in a perpetual loop of irregular publication dates and delays. Volumes will be released as normal now that the manga has resumed its regular publication schedule.

A Double Release Of One Punch Man Volume 25 And Volume 26 Later This Year, In The Season Of Summer

As of this writing, neither Viz Media nor Shonen’s official website has confirmed the leak page’s information. Manga Mogura’s news reports, on the other hand, have always been trustworthy. One Punch Man Volumes 25 and 26 will be released soon, according to the most recent information on the leaked page. That release date was mentioned in the tweet. Learn more about the prints’ triumphant launch in the following paragraphs.

A Double Release Of One Punch Man Volumes 25 And 26 This Season

Because of this, we don’t know exactly what to expect when it comes to the number of chapters in each volume. Due to the upcoming release of two volumes, there is a high probability that there will be fewer chapters in each volume. This chapter of One Punch Man, the 164th in ONE’s editions, is set to be released. Heroes and Monster’s Association members are still engaged in a battle.

It’s Garou’s goal to become the world’s most evil being. To his great dismay, upon meeting Saitama after killing the Sage Centipede he discovers that as long as this guy was still alive, he could never turn into the horrible creature. Since the war between Garou and Saitama is only beginning, it will be a long time before fans can expect to witness the end in the next chapter series.

One Punch Man Volumes 25 And 26 Date Of Release

Garou is on a mission to surpass every other evil. He so learns from Saitama after killing the Sage Centipede that as long as this guy is still alive the horrible thing will not be possible. Since the conflict between Garou and Saitama has only just begun, fans will have to wait a long time until the next set of chapters will bring closure to the story.

As a result, there is no way to know how many chapters in each volume can be combined. Volumes 25 and 26 of One Punch Guy have yet to get an official announcement from Viz and Shonen as of this update. Manga Mogura and other assets have revealed the English translations of those volumes, which will be available in June. Thus, those volumes will be issued in the West at a future date. As soon as new information on the issue becomes available, we’ll need to replace this phase. If you want to know more about this, keep an eye on The Anime Day-to-Day!

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