In Tower Of God Chapter 540, Does Baam Join The Lo Po Bia Family?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : April 25, 2022

Tower of God’s upcoming episode will focus on how Baam responds to Traumerei’s proposition. Everyone in the Tower was terrified by Traumerei’s talents when he appeared in the Tower. However, only Baam trembled at the thought of standing in his father’s path. The chief of the Lo Po Bia family wanted him to be a member of the family for this same reason.

In Chapter 540 Of The Tower Of God, Does Baam Join The Lo Po Bia Clan?

He has no idea that Baam is hiding Leviathan in his body, but he intends to snatch him up as soon as he learns of it. This means that Baam has no choice but to accept the family’s invitation to join in Tower of God Chapter 540 and face this Godly Man head on.

In Chapter 540 Of The Tower Of God, Does Baam Join The Lo Po Bia Clan

Lee Jong-hui is the author of the South Korean webcomic Tower of God. SIU is the pen name he uses most often when writing. It was the first TalseUzer story to be published, back in 2010. Naver and Line Webtoon have made the story freely available. Over 4.5 billion people throughout the world have viewed the Tower of God. In February 2020, this information was gathered.

Tower Of God Recap

Toward the end of the 539th chapter of Tower of God, the struggle between Traumerei and Baam reached its peak. It was revealed to Baam by Traumerei that he has been looking forward to seeing him for a long time now. However, Baam’s furious Leviathan, who was inside of him, was enraged at being exposed to Baam’s vulnerable memories. He wanted nothing more than to assassinate Baam and then be free to do anything he wanted within the Tower. In the Cat Tower, the battle raged on, with no sign of an end in sight.

The conversation between Traumerei and Baam was cut short when Yasurachya interjected. However, he let out all of his animals to frighten the intruders and scare them away. In order to become part of Traumerei’s family, Baam was urged to marry one of his daughters and become a member of the family.

Date Of Release Of Tower Of God Chapter 540

In Tower Of God’s newest instalment, there will be no break. As a result, this week will see the publication of Baam’s most epic combat ever. Until April 24, 2022, Tower of God Chapter 540 will be available. Fans will only be able to read all of the manhwa’s chapters on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage’s official pages.

This week’s unencumber marked a significant turning point in the Tower of God storyline. In the last chapter, Baam and Traumerei had a long and tedious conversation. This is what Baam’s Lo Po Bia circle of relatives uncovered when they tried to figure out what made him different from the rest of the community. On the other side, Traumerei offered up Baam’s inclusion in the family tree as part of their sacrifice.

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