A Pathway To Stop The Spread Of Brain Cancer -Researches Suggests

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 12, 2022

“Glioblastoma’s invasive property is perhaps its most formidable barrier to treatment”, said Amyn Habib, M.D, Associate Professor of Neurology. Glioblastoma also called GBM is a malignant tumour affecting the brain or spine. This type of tumour grows and spreads rapidly, often creating pressure. The average life expectancy for glioblastoma patients who undergo treatment is 12-15 months and only four months for those who do not receive treatment. The causes of GBM are largely unknown

Causes Of Glioblastoma

Glioblastoma is the most aggressive malignant brain tumor in adults, yet most people have never heard of this form of cancer. The term ‘cancer’ is highly formidable to people. Because there is an erroneous notion that cancer cannot be cured and there is no other option left. People consider cancer as a formidable, unfathomable opponent. This incomprehensible predicament had become the soul reason for the fear behind every person. 

A Pathway To Stop The Spread Of Brain Cancer-Researches Suggested

 Science has grown beyond one can comprehend. So now cancer is not a big issue. It is not a disease which is incurable. But of course it can be a threat to life according to its growth and stage. With the help of enormous scientific inventions, treatments are available everywhere. Now we can defeat this formidable opponent. But in some seldom cases, science is far away from reality. Brain tumour is curable but it has its boon and bane. 

The exact cause of GBM is not yet known. It mainly impacts the older adults. According to the Mayo clinic, in addition to age, other risk factors may increase a person’s chances of developing this type of brain tumour, including exposure to certain radiations and a family history of the disease. Not only brain tumours , other cancers like Lung cancer, myeloma, breast cancer, and prostate cancer are all dangerous if left unchecked and treated at the right time.

There wouldn’t be visible symptoms at the early stage of these cancers. But if any symptoms increase, by being lethargic and losing energy, then without waiting a minute you have to consult the doctor. 

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How can brain cancer be treated?

Surgery may be the only treatment needed for a low-grade tumour. Radiation and chemotherapy may be used if there is visible tumour remaining after the surgery. 

Immunotherapy can have a massive effect on treating these cancerous cells. Immunotherapy stimulates the body’s natural immune system to destroy cancer cells. 

  In southwestern researchers has found a drug which could curb tumour growth in animal models. GBM could spread to the surrounding tissues and it can annihilate the entire cells adjacent to it. This drug has been used in animals and it is now a ray of hope to everyone. The findings published in Nature Cell Biology, have led to a clinical trial that could offer new brisk dawn to patients with glioblastoma.

 “We have identified a pathway that can suppress this cellular invasion, which could offer a new way to increase survival”, said by Peter O’Donnell Jr.Brain Institute at UTSW and a staff physician at the Dallas VA Medical centre. Despite the toils of the researchers the prognosis for most patients with glioblastoma remains sombre.

Most challenging part of treating cancer is its invasive nature. The FDA-approved drug could improve survival of glioblastoma patients. Researchers have found a light at the end of the tunnel, a molecular pathway for the glioblastoma patients. “These approaches could offer new tools in our arsenal to fight glioblastoma”, Dr Habib said.


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