“It’s In The Past,” Patrick Mendes Admits To Cheating On Thais Ramone

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 11, 2022

Patrick Mendes moved from Austin to Dallas on the 90-Day Fiance episode aired last weekend. Thais Ramone was not pleased with the transfer, mainly since John would still live with them.

Even before revealing Thais’ invasive phone surveillance of Patrick, supporters were alarmed.

“It’s In The Past”, Patrick Mendes Admits To Cheating On Thais Ramone

Patrick cheated on her, and now we know why she went to such lengths to keep tabs on him. Patrick Mendes offers Thais Ramone a present in this preview clip of 90 Day Fiance Season 9, Episode 9.

A new phone is not a Christmas gift but a “welcome to the United States” gift. But there’s one catch: He won’t be providing her access to his whereabouts all the time anymore.

Thais’ Expression Says It All: “I’m Not Happy At All.”

She will take the phone, but it seems a little sleazy since he informs her he has the option to deny it. On the other hand, Patrick tells her that the time for her to keep tabs on him is gone.

It's In The Past, Patrick Mendes Admits To Cheating On Thais Ramone

The impulse to follow him down in Brazil was something Patrick and a few other random bar-goers in his debut show understood. Instead of having to anticipate when he’s dozing off in his bed, she can now doze off in the same one.

Patrick confesses to her, “heart, this brings me a lot of concern.” As Patrick says, “It hurts when I’m with someone, and they’re the love of my life.”

“And They Have Lost Faith In You,” He Adds. “It’s Not Nice.”

Her anxiety about Patrick’s devotion was not concocted out of thin air, as Thais informs Patrick at this point. In the early stages of his relationship with Thais, he admits that he “just chatted to a female.” Is this, however, the case?

In that case, the only thing he would have done with his lips is, you know, make and vocalize words while speaking to another lady. On the other hand, it asserts that this isn’t the case since he slept with her.

When Patrick tells his narrative, he claims they “kiss,” yet a kiss is not a form of communication. Hooking up may refer to anything from four-person shower sex to making out, and it’s intentionally ambiguous (and inclusive).

As a result, they did indeed get connected. For two reasons, you aren’t usually allowed to determine whether or not what you did physically with another person constituted cheating or not.

It’s Up To You And Your Partner(s) To Define Those Limits.

Even though other partnerships do not regard a kiss as cheating, it was still infidelity for Thais and Patrick, which has nothing to do with them. It is plainly in pain, and Patrick seems to be ignoring it.

On the other hand, she can’t and shouldn’t hang this over his head indefinitely; either he earns your confidence, or you leave him. Meanwhile, he must respect her sentiments, even if she no longer follows his whereabouts. It would take Patrick’s actions to be entirely out of character for most 90 90-Dayance viewers to despise him.

The Lifetime movie storyline that Bilal is forcing Shaeeda into exemplifies. The fact that Thais (who, as a beautiful young lady with an accent, is enticing the fandom’s worst parts) isn’t a nasty guy doesn’t imply that she’s unreasonable.

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