American Comedian Pete Davidson Decided To Have A Tribute Tattoo For His Girlfriend Kim Kardashian, Fans Are Eager To Know More

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 15, 2022

This is a serious display of adoration, the release of photos showing Pete Davidson with Kim Kardashian’s name tattooed on his breast, some fans believed the 28-year-old comedian let his girlfriend, 41, do the work. 

Instance-deleted photographs from his furious text argument with Kanye West on Sunday revealed the new ink, which spells out KIM in black letters.

Pete Davidson Appears To Have “KIM” Tattoo On His Chest As A Tribute To Kim Kardashian

Davidson sent a bare-chested selfie to Kardashian, whom he was originally linked to in October 2021, in which he claimed to be in bed with her. A “KIM” tattoo was noticed on the King of Staten Island star by eagle-eyed fans. 

American Comedian Pete Davidson Decided To Have A Tribute Tattoo For His Girlfriend Kim Kardashian

Screenshots from Davidson’s text conversation with West, 44, were released by Dave Sirus. It is indeed Skete, dude. Could you kindly take a moment to relax? Said by him, On Sunday, Davidson texted West, that It doesn’t have to be like this at 8 a.m.

Amanda Hirsh, the host of the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” show, took the image and reshared it. PETE Seems To have a KIM tattoo pic on her Instagram photo from March 13th. 

Fans, understandably, were enthralled. His head can’t handle all of this information today, one person said, while another stated, he honestly gasped. 

Others compared the display of devotion to Kourtney Kardashian’s and Travis Barker’s PDA-filled relationship.

In celebration of his fiancée, the 46-year-old drummer has a few tattoos. It’s all very Kravis, one person said, referring to Travis Barker’s tattoo of girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian’s name, which he got in April 2021. 

Omg, they got a lot of Kravis feelings! He didn’t think these two would stay, but he adores them, one user commented.

Another user commented that, like Barker’s “I love you” tattoo, Davidson’s new tattoo appears to have been done by Kardashian.”Does that look like Kim’s handwriting?” They’re so Kravis!

He has stopped SNL from talking about or mocking anyone, as they’ve been threatening to do for months. 

He has barred stand-up comedians from making routines about each other because he doesn’t want the father of his lovely daughters’ children to be made fun of. He said, Even if they treat me like s***, he has her back because he wants everything to go smoothly.

Kim is the most amazing mother I’ve ever encountered. What she does for those kids is incredible, and he is incredibly fortunate to have her as his child’s mother, he said. 

They could be onto something, given that Davidson has been so upfront about his plan to get rid of all of his tattoos. The Bombshell Squad star has over 70 tattoos, many of which are inspired by former romances, favorite movies, or family members.

In a May 2021 episode of Late Night And Seth Myers, the actor announced that he has begun the process of “burning off” his tattoos to assist advance his acting career. 

Kardashian and Davidson first ignited romance speculations after she presented “SNL” in October 2021. After getting a divorce with West in February 2021, the reality star was deemed legally single earlier this month.

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