Phoenix Suns Match Pacers’ $133 Million Deal For Deandre Ayton

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 15, 2022

Deandre Ayton and the Indiana Pacers have agreed to a 4-year, $133 million max provision sheet. It was later confirmed by Bill Reiter. The Phoenix Suns, Ayton’s authentic crew, can have forty-eight hours to determine whether or not they are willing to match it.

Phoenix Suns Match Indiana Pacers’ 4-year, $133 Million Offer Sheet To Deandre Ayton

The Pacers and Suns nevertheless have some time to try to exercise a signal and change earlier than they inked the deal. The Suns had, in the past, been hesitant to provide Ayton with a max agreement. He desired one after assisting lead the Suns to the 2021 NBA Finals.

Phoenix Suns Match Pacers' $133 Million Deal For Deandre Ayton

But Phoenix reportedly did not think he was worth such a large contract. Now, if Ayton signs on the sheet, the selection is out of their hands.

Either they can maintain Ayton at this charge point or they can shape the supply sheet. Also, they can lose him for nothing. Those were the simplest alternatives as soon as he signed on the dotted line. Once that clock started, they could not negotiate a sign-and-trade with Indiana. Also possibly more importantly they could not hang Ayton as a signed-and-traded asset in negotiations for Kevin Durant.

If Phoenix altered Ayton, doing so would be preferable to losing him pointlessly. They will have to wait until January 15, 2023, and even then there will be some challenges to overcome. When a restrained loose agent’s provide sheet is matched, that participant gains the right to veto any change for 12 months.

Until a year has elapsed, he cannot be traded to the team that signed him to that offer sheet. That means the Pacers will be out of the running as a trade partner for Ayton for the foreseeable future.

Considering how long they have been connected to Ayton, their willingness to sign him to a suggestion sheet, therefore, shows a little self-belief. It is that Phoenix will now no longer be in shape.

Teams often flip down sign-and-trade gives as an attempt to scare groups off with their restrained loose agents. In the 2020 offseason, Sacramento was famously offered draft picks by Atlanta. The Kings turned them down along with the offer sheet the Hawks extended to him. Such is the character of restrained loose agency, in which bluffs and leverage are critical.

The Pacers allegedly discussed a potential Ayton trade because Myles Turner’s contract is about to expire. Domantas Sabonis is now playing for the Kings in Sacramento. As a result, Indiana was looking for a long-term center solution. Ayton, a former No. 1 pick has grown into one of the best all-around facilities in basketball. He averaged 17.2 factors and 10.2 rebounds in line with recreation for the Suns. Also, with much less scoring around him in Indiana. He might have a chance to enhance his scoring even more.

Unless Phoenix can pull an appealing sign-and-trade out of its hat in the coming hours, the end result. The Suns had hoped to avoid defeat. Their aim this offseason is to land Kevin Durant. Ayton signing a suggestion sheet with Indiana makes that aim considerably less realistic. With the Suns likely off the table for the time being. Durant may need to keep an open mind about his future if he is set on being traded.

Even without Durant, that is a blow for Phoenix. The Suns have made it clear that they no longer consider Ayton to be a max participant. If there isn’t a sign-and-trade, their options right now are to sign him to a contract. They don’t believe he deserves to lose a former No. 1 pick only four years into his career.

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