Phone Usage May Leads To Wrinkles In Your Face – Researches Findings

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 9, 2022

It is always believed that wrinkles are a common sign of aging, and they naturally grow on every person irrespective of the best kind of skin treatment a person gets with the growing age. It is something that appears naturally in a lot of people. For some people, the appearance of wrinkles can be very early, and for others, it can be very late. It depends upon a lot of factors, and all of the comprehensive factors have to be evaluated with each other to find the rate at which wrinkles occur on the skin. 

Out of the different factors such as lifestyle and dietary habits, one of the most common factors that are now evaluating and controlling the occurrence of wrinkles on the skin is the usage of the mobile phone. It would be very Peculiar to understand, but the research of Michigan University has finally brought a positive correlation between the usage of the Smartphone and the appearance of wrinkles on the face of the individual. This mechanism is called neurodegeneration. It is a physiological factor that is trying to change how people would be able to respond, Especially to the usage of mobile phones.

How Does This Happen? 

It is essential to understand that mobile phones usually generate harmful rays, and most of the time, they fall on the skin of the face. These kinds of ways try to impact the cells of the skin and accordingly make them function abnormally. Most of the time, the skin on the face replenishes itself by automatically removing the dead skin layer. It is crucial to note the process with the help of which this loss of skin takes place. Due to the rays of the mobile phone,  the skin loses its ability to replace itself. 

Phone Usage May Leads To Wrinkles In Your Face

It also becomes loose, due to which fine lines and wrinkles appear on the skin. It is also due to other significant changes inside the skin that the appearance of wrinkles becomes very common for all the people who use a lot of mobile phones. It also makes the tissues weak, due to which this skin does not look toned at all, and accordingly, it can cause a massive amount of side effects on different tangents of the skin. According to the research published in frontiers of aging mobile phones also produce a blue light, often known as Succinate. This chemical energy is associated with degenerated cell production, due to which the appearance of wrinkles becomes very common on the skin.

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Ways to cure this

The solution is there in the problem itself. The appearance of wrinkles can be prevented only with the help of reduced mobile usage. Only with the help of reduced mobile usage can the individual be protected from the different kinds of Side Effects associated with this kind of problem. This can easily be prevented by the individual because there is no point in compromising your beauty yourself. 


It can be concluded that this is one of the most effective methods with the help of which an individual can ultimately act as a responsible one to delay the appearance of these kinds of wrinkles on the face because this is something which needs to be altered as soon as possible. It will also get a tremendous amount of impetus in the long run. This is going to be responsible for better treatment and also for the effective management of different types of factors.


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