QNix Watch Reviews – Does It Work As An Effective Fitness Tracker?

John Furrier | Last Updated : July 25, 2022

Hi Readers!! Have you heard of QNix smartwatches? The watch was initially available only for medical use. Now, the company made it available online and everyone can buy and use it. Read my QNix Watch review to know more details about the smartwatch.

Lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, and heart or cardiovascular disorders are the major threats to humanity these days.

What if the smartwatch that you are wearing always monitors your blood pressure, heartbeat, and whatnot? 

QNix Watch is a medically used smartwatch that tracks your general health. The general health of men and women after 30 needs to be monitored regularly. 

QNix Watch Reviews – A Smartwatch To Identify Potential Health Problems Early!

These days, companies are competing amongst them to introduce new smartwatches to the market. Every watch has its features like attending calls and messages. QNix Smartwatch is said to be a step ahead with medical features.

Here, I am trying to analyze the efficacy, benefits, and customer reviews of the QNix watch. I wish to come to a legible conclusion in this QNix Watch review.  

QNix Watch Reviews
Product NameQNix Watch
BodyZinc Alloy
Water Resistance LevelWaterproof
Device interface – primaryTouchscreen
Display Full-color LCD display with touch button operation
Sensors Heart rate sensors, G-sensors, and blood oxygen monitoring
Connectivity technologiesGPS
Wireless communication technologiesBluetooth
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS platform
Waterproof RatingIP67 waterproof
MemoryUp to 7 days of data storage
ColorsAvailable in 8 colors
Other Specifications♦︎ Micro-USB charging
96 hours of use per charge
Syncs with all devices
Comfortable fit
Long-Lasting battery
♦︎ Multiple colors option
Overall Customer Rating★★★★☆
Official WebsiteClick Here

Mobile App

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Health tracking

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Battery life

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Easy to use

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Value for money

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What Is A QNix Watch?

QNix Watch is a smartwatch that is mainly used for monitoring your health. It is a smartwatch with sensors and a GPS tracking facility.

According to the official website, the QNix Watch wearable was initially made for doctors and nurses to monitor their patients. It was available only for hospital usage. Now, the QNix Smartwatch manufacturers made it available online with simple features that everybody can make use of.

The QNix Watch wristband is designed for monitoring your heart rate, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and much more. The manufacturers of the watch at spotting any kind of anomaly occurring to your heart rate or blood pressure at the earliest. Through early identification and early medical intervention, we can avoid emergencies. 

Main Features Of QNix Watch

Here are a few features of the QNix smartwatch that helps it to act as a health tracker.

QNix Watch Features

QNix Watch monitors your heart rate, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and all. 

Long-lasting battery life with a micro-USB battery. The watch can be used for 96 hours after each charging. 

The watch can be synced with all the devices. 

The manufacturers designed the QNix watch for neutral gender for the convenience of men and women who are using it. On the order page, you have the option to select more straps to make every day different. The fit is also suitable. 

The QNix Smartwatch is long-lasting as it is waterproof and strong. 

The latest version of Bluetooth is installed on the watch.  

The watch is having a color-LCD touch screen display. 

There are many inbuilt sensors to monitor your health. 

There is an information storing facility that lasts up to one week. 

How Does QNix Watch Work?

QNix Watch is designed like any other smartwatch or fitness device. The usage is very easy.

After buying the QNix Smartwatch, users should read the manual instructions thoroughly. Then charge the watch to 100% and connect it to a smartphone or any other device.

Wear it on your wrist. The device will start updating you about your health condition. The watch has a very concerned touch screen that can direct you to the different programs. As a smartwatch, the QNix Watch is equal in performance when compared to other brands.

QNix Watch

When it comes to health tracking, the watch performs better. The watch works based on a dual sensor system that collects even minute variations in one’s body changes.

The QNix Watch fitness tracker is imbibed with advanced biometric systems to observe the customer’s body. Using highly advanced sensors QNix Smartwatch tracks the heartbeat of the person too. It is the GPS in-built into the watch that determines the mobility of the person and determines the quality of sleep. 

From this QNix Watch review, you can understand that QNix Watch gives you information about blood pressure, heartbeat, oxygen intake, and sleep quality. The QNix Watch customer must have QNix App downloaded on their mobile phone to have the reports of tracking. 

QNix Watch Benefits

The benefits the QNix Watch customer could get with the smartwatch are listed below:

QNix Watch Benefits

Track your health: The QNix Watch is designed to track a person’s general health by monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen intake. 

Helps to improve your sports performance: Physical activities-related features of the QNix Watch tracker, related to physical activity help you to improvise your sports performance. 

Monitor heart rate: QNix Watch monitors and alerts you regarding any abnormality in the functioning of your heart. This prevents emergencies as we can consult a doctor well in advance. 

Calculate blood oxygen level: Using the sensor provided in the QNix Smartwatch, it calculates blood oxygen level that is helpful to the doctors to determine one’s health. 

Compatible: The QNix Watch is highly compatible and works well with all the major brands of Android and iOS mobile phones. 

Pros And Cons 

Best About QNix Watch

  • Convenient to use as we can connect to the Internet.
  • Stylish model and strap colors are available. 
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Waterproof and long-lasting. 
  • Affordable for a common man. 
  • The durability of the charged battery. 
  • Alert you with accurate information on blood oxygen level, heart rate, and blood pressure level. 
  • Effective sleep monitoring system. 

Worst About QNix Watch

  • QNix Watch is available only on the official website. 

QNix Watch Customer Reviews And Complaints

While searching for the QNix Watch customer reviews you can see the customers have commented on different aspects of the QNix fitness tracker. Most of the QNix Watch consumer reviews are positive and share a satisfactory experience with the usage of the watch.

QNix Watch Customer Reviews

A QNix Watch customer has commented about the storage capacity of the product. He states that the information about his general health like heartbeat and blood pressure was available on the watch for four to five days. It made the tracking of health easier.

Another QNix Smartwatch customer specifically mentioned the battery durability when t is fully charged. He said there is a hassle of charging as it has lived for more than three days.

QNix Watch Customers are not hesitant to comment on the style part of the watch too. They mentioned the word ”Stylish” in their QNix Watch real reviews. The customers also observed that it is easy for the doctor to check for the basic information stored in the watch to jump to a conclusion about one’s health. 

QNix Watch Pricing And Availability

QNix Smartwatch fitness tracker is available only online through the official website of the watch. There is no chance to purchase the smartwatch from Amazon or any other e-commerce platform. You cannot avail of it at any retail stores too.

Being an attractive field due to huge market demand, fake customers are there in the market. Customers should be careful not to get confused with similar product names. It is compulsory to check for the authenticity of the website.

The QNix Smartwatch company offers more options that can be added to your order such as warranty packages for one or two years, straps, a screen protector, a USB plug, etc for a comparatively affordable price. 

Pricing as per the official website of QNix Watch is provided below.

1 QNix Watch – $95 per unit
2 QNix Watch – $77.5 per unit
3 QNix Watch – $65 per unit
4 QNix Watch – $58.75 per unit
5 QNix Watch – $55 per unit
10 QNix Watch – $46.9 per unit

Final VerdictQNix Watch Reviews

As we come this far through the QNix Watch review, we can understand that the QNix is a smartwatch that tracks your health and is available online.

The QNix Watch manufacturer claims that the watch is user-friendly, durable, and affordable. The main feature of the QNix Smartwatch is its capacity to track one’s health.

The seems that the watch can monitor and alert the person on one’s heartbeat variations, Blood pressure, and blood oxygen level. The QNix Smartwatch tracker can also help you to have a plan for your night’s sleep, which determine the entire day.

While comparing the QNix Watch customer reviews with other smartwatch brands, we can see that people believe in the QNix brand and comment positively on the efficacy of the watch. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions: 

How dependable the QNix watches are?

QNix watches are long-lasting as it is made up of high-quality materials. It includes all the properties of a smartwatch including the health benefits, Along with attending class and messages, the watch deals with your health too. 

Is it inconvenient to use a USB power supply for a watch? 

Being a watch that performs a number of tasks, it needs a micro-USB battery to work. But the battery life is long-lasting. Once the battery is charged, the watch can be used for 96 hours. 

Can I use the watch to answer calls and messages?

Yes, you can use the QNix watch to answer your calls and messages. It has all the features of a smartphone including the sensors to monitor your health. 

Should I have my phone along with me to answer the call on my QNix watch?

No. Like any other popular smartwatch brand, the QNix smartwatch can also be used without your mobile phone. 

Can I access Whatsapp on the QNix watch?

Yes, you can connect to the internet and access WhatsApp using the QNix smartwatch. 


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