Raphy Pina, Daddy Yankee’S Manager Jailed For 41 Months

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : May 26, 2022

This is Raphy Pina, the music director, producer, and chief executive officer of Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha, who is now serving a sentence of 41 months in prison. In addition, he was ordered to pay a $150,000 fine by a government judge in Puerto Rico after being found guilty of illegal gun ownership.

Judge Denied Pina’s Request For Bail

Judge Francisco A. Besosa denied Pina’s request for bail, and he complied with the judge’s order. Pina will serve time in a Florida prison and will be placed on supervised release for a significant period of time at the end of his sentence.

Raphy Pina, Daddy Yankee'S Manager Jailed For 41 Months

For his 2016 crime conviction and the risk posed by programmed weapons, government investigators requested a 46 to a 50-month jail sentence in court documents.

Again, the attorneys for Pina have stated that she will not be sentenced to jail time and will only be placed on probation. Neither of these requests was acknowledged by the court.

In court, Pina was joined by his sidekick Natti Natasha, over whom he also has command, his three older children, and Daddy Yankee. In 2020, despite his 2016 conviction for extortion and tax evasion charges, Pina was prosecuted for allegedly possessing two handguns and ammunition.

In this regard, he informed the media that he has been under investigation since 2018 for drug dealing and tax evasion, which he denied being connected to the reggaeton business.

The founder of Pina Records, Rafi Pina, was sentenced to life in prison around five months after the fact after an appointed authority counted one programmed weapon. Furthermore, he had several others holding guns to a criminal who had been sentenced to prison.

Government examiners requested a more severe sentence of 46 to 50 months in April, citing his previous criminal conviction and “murder” perpetrated by a programmed weapon, according to court records. It was reported on May 20, 2022, that Rafi’s legal counsel had issued a scathing update, referencing a proper sentence: no jail time and only probation.

Natasha, their three oldest children, and Daddy Yankee all joined Rafi. Pina cared for the court under the watchful eye of the appointed authority assigned to the last decision; it was a man’s “generally troublesome” circumstance that guaranteed that terrible opportunity.

After being sentenced to government misrepresentation and tax evasion in 2016, Pinar was banned from owning two handguns and several hundred rounds of ammunition in August 2020.

Pina-Nivas was recently prohibited from possessing or transporting firearms due to limitations on conviction and had a Glock 19 model 9mm gun close by April 1, 2020, according to court documents. Model SD40,.40 caliber Smith and Wesson handgun, rifle, and shotgun ammo totaled 526 rounds when the type naturally changed.

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