Selma Blair On ‘Dancing With The Stars’-what It Means To Neurodivergent Person?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 29, 2022

Dancing with celebrities on the stage of dancing with the stars provides the maximum thrill and energy. It provides a lot of excitement then all the fans watch their favorite stars dancing out to the tunes of the audience. This time it will be actress Selma Blair who will be seen dancing on the floor. She is one of the most amazing actresses known for playing a powerful performance with cruel intentions. 

You already enjoyed a lot of fine living due to her amazing acting skills and bold, beautiful looks, which leave most people in awe. Apart from this, this time, she would experiment with her dancing skills, and it would be a treat to the eyes to watch her swing and swirl around the stage. 

This will be more than a movement that almost all the people would like to capture. The first episode of the 31st season of Dancing In The Stars has already been telecasted on Disney Plus Hotstar on 19th September 2022. Most of the audience watched the show because they wanted to witness her dance. This shows the popularity she enjoys amongst the audience for the time being.

What Is So Special About Her Participation? 

Most actors and actresses can dance, and there is nothing so special about dancing on a reality show. But when it comes to Selma Blair, there is something very special yet emotional. In 2018, this famous actress lost her leg after being called for an appearance at the New York Fashion Week. After 6 months, she was also diagnosed with the problem of multiple sclerosis. Her immunity is weak, and now it is attacking the protective cover around the nerves. 

 Selma Blair On 'Dancing With The Stars'

She also faces simulation problems between the body’s and the brain’s functioning. Due to all these physical constraints, it would be practically impossible for any individual to participate in extracurricular activities. But this actress is something different. She is practically not stopping herself from doing anything; hence, she is all set to now participate in a dance reality show that will drain a lot of her physical capacity. But she does not want to function on people’s sympathy but wants to overcome any physical challenge she faces.

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Her first performance

As a part of the first performance, she was given a Huge round of applause by all the judges. In the second week, she was also responsible for getting the highest number of votes based on the beauty and mind-blowing that she could present in front of the audience. How she danced was so graceful that most of the audience started shouting again. 

It is a new journey in life, and the kind of response she got in the first attempt will motivate her to go a long run in this entire process to develop a name for herself in this industry as well. She is talented and can also achieve any objective that she wants without any hindrance. 


It can be concluded that there is only one thing that can stop an individual from moving ahead. This one thing is the individual herself. If a person besides to overcome every kind of obstacle, then she can easily do that provided she has got all the kind of goodwill and all the kind of motivation in herself to solve almost every kind of problem so that it is not at all difficult for the individual to get the best out of the available concept. 

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