Seth Green Got Phished!! Advises The Public Not To Buy His Stolen NFTs

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 19, 2022

In addition to acting, writing, and directing, Seth Green is a producer and director. He was born in Overbrook Park, Pennsylvania, United States of America. For his portrayal as Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Daniel Osbourne, he is a well-known actor. His career as a child actor began when she was six years old when she starred as a small boy on an episode of Saturday Night Live. When he was eleven years old, he directed and produced his own film, a comedy-drama titled “The Hotel New Hampshire.”.

Seth Green Asks People Not To Buy His Stolen NFTs After Falling Victim To Phishers!!!

On February 8th, 1974, Seth Green was born in Overbrook Park, Pennsylvania, United States. There is nothing more beautiful than a child born to a mother and father who love each other. While his father works as a school teacher, his mother is a well-known artist from an upper-middle-class Jewish household.

Seth Green Got Phished!! Advises The Public Not To Buy His Stolen NFTs

At an early age, he began performing professionally and quickly rose to fame. Commercial roles helped him grow in popularity as he was cast in numerous TV shows and films. He and Matthew Senreich produced the cartoon series Robot Chicken, which aired on the Cartoon Network. Later, Robot Chicken became a huge hit, winning a number of accolades.

Seth Green – Some Quick Facts

  • For his commercial work, he became a household name.
  • Seth Green and Matthew Senreich produced a highly successful animated series together.
  • Now 48 years old, he’s a well-known figure in the industry.
  • He only has one sibling, a girl named Kaela Green who lives in the same house as him.

If You Want To Support Seth Green, Please Don’t Buy His Stolen:

Digital content hasn’t been doing as well as it should. This week, the value of a number of different cryptocurrencies has fallen significantly. Another time you referenced the Super Bowl ad with Matt Damon, this time for a cryptocurrency-related product. The previous week, it appeared as if the NFT market was poised to collapse, and you guessed it: Elon Musk was a significant reason. In an attempt to steal Seth Green’s non-fungible tokens, phishing scammers have just arrived.

On Tuesday, a former cast member of Buffy and Austin Powers revealed that two high-profile NFTs had been stolen from his cryptocurrency wallet. Mutant and Bored are the only two apes in the group. In the meantime, here’s another from the Doodles collection. He warned people against purchasing or trading them in any way. He also tried to contact the individual who purchased one of the stolen apes in order to make things right.

Two of Green’s NFTs have already been sold by hackers. Bored Ape NFTs cost more than $200,000, whereas Mutant NFTs cost $42,200 per. Just like with Green’s account, OpenSea has flagged the remaining two accounts for questionable activity totaling $70,000.

Meanwhile, Madonna is hard at work on the release of her very own natural child, which will, of course, depict her vaginal area giving birth to various forms of nature.


Seth Green has a long list of honors and recognitions to show for his impressive professional achievements. His uncle helped him get started in acting at an early age, according to the above information. “Robot Chicken” won an Emmy Award for its innovative format.

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