Why Is Shipping Speed Important For Ecommerce Brands?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 6, 2022

Shipping speed is a key factor to compete with the other eCommerce brands and to satisfy your patrons. It is a new eCommerce strategy that can attract new customer procurement and keep the standard of your business. 

Importance Of Fast Shipping 

Now, the customer demands quick delivery and is even ready to pay extra for the fast delivery. 2-3 business days are the standard shipping time in the US and the E-commerce brands are continuously working to maintain that delivery speed. 

Ecommerce Shipping

This article will discuss the importance of fast shipping and also gives you ways to maintain the shipping speed. If you are an entrepreneur in e-commerce or an established eCommerce marketer, this article will help you to be more professional. So, without any further ado, let’s start! 

Fast shipping is an important factor that increases the conversion rate of the eCommerce business. Sixty-nine percent of consumers say the fast delivery influenced them to make more online shopping. Faster shipping speed creates an idea about the brand in the consumer’s mind that the brand is punctual and more professional.

On the other hand, an extra day of delivery time than the expected period can break an order. Most of the customers search for another option when delivery of the purchased items is delayed. Because there are plenty of items available on the websites. 

Here are some points listed below that highlight the importance of fast shipping.

  • Most highlighted feature: In e-commerce, the items and merchants are increasing day by day. So, to maintain and enhance the consumers the merchants are permitting the customers to filter many features. Fast delivery is the most highlighted choice among the features. Delivery speed is the main one on the priority list of most of the customers. 
  • Customer’s confidence: The shipping speed of the purchased item affects the customer’s confidence. Most of the websites allow the customers to track the shipping details. So, the fast delivery will help to reduce the fear of the customers. It helps you to maintain a better relationship with the customers. 
  • Good customer reviews: Reliable shipping helps to improve positive customer reviews. This will boost up the conversion rate. Besides, the smooth transaction is the reason behind creating a better image of the brand among the customers. 

Ways to maintain a better shipping speed 

  • Cross-check the documentation of the shipment details 
  • Acquire the correct permit for the shipment across the world
  • Prepare for poor weather and any other sudden difficulties 
  • Select an authentic transportation company
  • Allow the customer to track the shipping 


On the whole, shipping speed can make or break the deal between customers and brands. Fast shipping can boost sales and profits. Besides, it increases customer satisfaction too. 

Many items can be delivered within one day and this one-day delivery has been happening in many cities. So, it increases the reputation of the brand and the customers will shop with you again. 

However, all items can’t be delivered within one day. So, it is better to deliver the items as soon as possible. Because shipping speed matters for eCommerce brands. Hope you get the importance of shipping speed in e-commerce. Use these tips in your business and witness the transformation. 

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