SkyQuad Drone Reviews – Is It Right For You? (Reviewed 2022)

John Furrier | Last Updated : August 26, 2022

Hey, are you guys looking for a drone that is easy to control and has great picture quality, then check out my SkyQuad Drone review.

I am an experienced drone pilot and have managed to fly several drones by different companies for various purposes including photography and surveillance. But none of them were easy to handle.

SkyQuad Drone Reviews – Can This Mini Drone Take Stable & Clear Picture Of Moving Objects?

I was in search of a drone with quality and easy handling. It was then I came across the SkyQuad Drone when one of my photographer friends suggested it. I visited the SkyQuad Drone official website and cross-sectioned every detail. I did an in-depth study on how unique the SkyQuad Drone was and thought of giving it a shot.

I bought the drone and what more to say, the investment was surely worth it. So I decided to share my SkyQuad Drone review here with you people. Make sure to read the review from top to bottom to get a clear overview of the SkyQuad Drone. 

SkyQuad Drone Review
Device NameSkyQuad Drone
Designed ToCapture high-quality videos and pictures
  • Foldable and flexible blades
  • Easy remote control
  • Long battery capacity
  • Small, light, and compact
  • Camera Quality12 Megapixels
    Key Features⚡️3D flip function
    ⚡️Altitude Holding
    ⚡️Trajectory Flight
    ⚡️360-degree 4k wifi camera
    ⚡️Video Capturing
    ⚡️Longer Battery Life
    Shots RangeOver 3,000 feet
    Speed19 meters per second
    Transmission Distance4km
    Battery500mAH battery
    Package➔Buy 1 SkyQuad Drone
    ➔Buy 2 SkyQuad Drones
    ➔Buy 4 SkyQuad Drones
    Additional Items Included✦SkyQuad Camera Drones
    ✦Rechargeable Drone Batteries
    ✦Charging Cables
    ✦User Manuals
    Refund Policy30 days
    AvailabilityOfficial Website (Only)
    Official WebsiteClick Here!

    What is a SkyQuad Drone?

    SkyQuad Drone is a fully loaded and highly durable drone. Long-lasting battery life makes it unique from other drones that are available on the market.

    SkyQuad Drone has a 1080 p camera in which you can record videos or photos with high resolution. The foldable and flexible blades of the SkyQuad Drone make it lightweight and easy to carry. Slo-mo mode and panorama mode videos can be shot by SkyQuad Drones and another main feature of SkyQuad Drones is their gravity sensor. With this benefit, beginners can shoot like a pro.

    The longer battery life and capacity of SkyQuad Drone devices enable them to have an increased flying time. With the help of the built-in camera of SkyQuad Drone, anyone can capture professional-quality videos or pics. 

    SkyQuad Drone Working

    Main features of SkyQuad Drone 

    Unlike any other drone, the SkyQuad Drone has its own unique features which can aid in taking high-quality videos and photos with minimum effort. Some of them are listed below.

    🔺High battery life

    One of the important features of the SkyQuad Drone is its long battery life.

    It is equipped with a high battery capacity with which you can shoot videos up to 15 minutes before recharge.  

    🔺Increased flying time

    SkyQuad Drone has an increased flying time and this can help to shoot videos and photos for a longer period of time. Frequent recharging can be avoided. 

    🔺Gravity sensor

    A gravity sensor with high altitude features and electronic stabilization can help anyone including beginners to shoot videos with high efficiency and easiness. 

    🔺1080 p camera

    With SkyQuad Drone, you can record videos at 1080p at 120 frames per second. Photos can be taken with 120 megapixels. This feature ensures the quality of the pics and videos that are taken. 

    🔺Foldable and flexible

    SkyQuad Drone is easy to carry and doesn’t take up much space due to its flexible blades and lightweight. It is compact and you can carry it anywhere where you want. You can fold and store the SkyQuad Drone anywhere you want.

    🔺Easy to control

    Even a beginner can fly a SkyQuad Drone device without any effort. The controls of the SkyQuad Drones are easy to handle and thus made flying simple. 


    SkyQuad Drone can fly at a speed of 19 meters per second. It has a transmission distance of 4 kilometers. SkyQuad Drone is one of the fastest drones among others of similar size. 

    🔺Built-in camera

    The built-in camera of SkyQuad with high-quality resolution makes its professional quality and everything can be captured with a touch. It doesn’t require technical help to operate its functions. Even a complete newbie can capture videos and pictures like a pro

    🔺Slo-mo mode

    Every video can be shot in slo-mo mode with a SkyQuad Drone which ensures clarity and quality. 

    🔺Panorama mode

    Panoramic shots can be captured with a range of over 3,000 feet with SkyQuad Drone and the shots with panoramic mode can be taken with vintage effects. 

    SkyQuad Drone Features

    How does the SkyQuad Drone work?

    The working mechanism of the SkyQuad Drone is quite simple and even a beginner can shoot videos and pictures without knowing many technical sides. The gravity sensor in the SkyQuad Drone device can identify obstructions if there are any and can fly smoothly without collision.

    By using the controlling panel within an area, SkyQuad Drone can be controlled easily. You can fly the drones at varying heights with the control. There is no need for frequent recharging because of the long battery life. The built-in camera can capture images effortlessly with high quality. 

    SkyQuad Drone Customer Reviews

    What are the perks and drawbacks of using SkyQuad Drone?

    SkyQuad Drone has significant benefits. But surely it does have a few cons too. Below given are some of the pros and cons of the device as per customer-shared SkyQuad Drone reviews.


    • Flexibility: SkyQuad Drone is flexible and foldable. Therefore it is easy to carry and can take it anywhere with you.  
    • Long battery life: SkyQuad Drone has a long battery capacity. 
    • Lightweight: lightweight of SkyQuad Drone makes it easier to carry around. 
    • Easy operations: SkyQuad Drone can be controlled easily with the remote control. 
    • 1080p camera: Pictures and videos of high quality can be captured with SkyQuad Drone.


    • Absence of internal storage
    • Cannot be used in certain areas. 

    SkyQuad Drone reviews from real customers

    The real SkyQuad Drone reviews shared by customers are given below:

    I’m a professional wedding photographer and I use drones in my work. It was a few weeks back I purchased a SkyQuad Drone and it has been more than useful to me. I was quite surprised to see the picture quality and easiness. I am able to carry the SkyQuad Drone with me effortlessly due to its lightweight and I really liked how flexible it is.
    Sally George

    The SkyQuad Drone helped me to capture many precious moments of my life and I never thought that the pictures would be of high quality. Nevertheless, every picture and video came out beautiful. I am not a “technical person” and at first I was a little nervous about its working but it’s literally so simple and anyone can access the drone without knowing much about the technical stuff. SkyQuad Drone is truly worth it. 
    Kaytlin Mary

    I bought a SkyQuad Drone for taking pictures from my vacation and to a great extent the picture quality and durability of the SkyQuad Drone are really good but the lack of internal storage was a minor setback. So it was a bit difficult. Apart from that SkyQuad Drone gave picture qualities like no other. 
    Stanly Keith

    Where to get SkyQuad Drone at the best price?

    When compared with other drones in the market SkyQuad Drone are available on their official website at a reasonable and affordable price. Free shipping charges are also available for certain orders.  Make sure to check every detail regarding the product and the order for a safe purchase. The pricing details are as follows. 

    SkyQuad Drone

    Buy 1 SkyQuad Drone for $ 99.00 each

    Total price = $99.00 

    ✦Shipping charge = $ 7.95

    ✦Order includes: 1 SkyQuad Drone camera 
                              1 transmitter / controller
                              1 rechargeable drone battery
                              1 user manual 

    Sky Quad Drone

    Buy 2 SkyQuad Drone for $ 69.00 each 

    Lorem ipsumTotal price = $138.00 

    ✦Free shipping charges. 

    ✦Order includes: 2 SkyQuad camera drones
    2 transmitter / controllers
    2 rechargeable drone batteries
    2 charging cables
    2 user manual dolor sit amet

    SkyQuad Drones

    Buy 4 SkyQuad Drone for $ 59.00 each

    ✦Total price = $236

    ✦Free shipping charges

    ✦Order includes: 4 SkyQuad Drone camera drones
                              4 transmitter / controllers
                              4 rechargeable drone batteries
                              4 charging cables
                              4 user manual

    Do they offer a money-back guarantee? 

    SkyQuad Drone device offers a complete money refund with their orders. They assure a 30-day money-back guarantee policy for returned packages.

    After the purchase, if you are not satisfied with the product you can simply contact their customer care office and request a refund. Money back policy is only applicable within 30 days from the initial ordering. 

    Final Words on SkyQuad Drone Reviews

    SkyQuad Drone camera is definitely one of the best drones that you could find in the current market. SkyQuad Drone’s unique features contribute to high-quality pictures and videos which can be taken effortlessly.

    The foldable characteristic and flexibility of SkyQuad Drone make them easier to carry around and it doesn’t take up much space. 1080 p camera used results in pictures and videos with high resolution and clarity.  

    Due to the longer battery capacity, SkyQuad Drone is apt for you to take on your vacations and parties. Professional and quality videos with panoramic and slo-mo modes are also provided by the SkyQuad camera drone.

    SkyQuad Drone device is available at a reasonable price and it’s definitely worth the money. The majority of the SkyQuad Drone reviews were thus positive. You can also use the SkyQuad camera drones as security surveillance to improve safety and ensure security. 

    Moreover, SkyQuad Drone is easier to control and thus can be used by anybody without any intense technical knowledge. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Does the SkyQuad Drone camera come with a longer battery capacity?

    SkyQuad Drone has a higher battery capacity compared with any other drones of similar kinds. There is no need for frequent charging when it comes to SkyQuad camera drones. 

    2. Do they have a money refund policy? 

    SkyQuad Drone camera offers a 30-day money refund policy for its customers. You just gotta contact their customer service office for a refund. 

    3. Where can I buy SkyQuad Drone cameras?

    You can purchase SkyQuad Drone cameras from their official website. They are available at an affordable price. 

    4. What are the features of SkyQuad camera drones?

    SkyQuad Drone camera drones are flexible, foldable, and easier to use. You can carry it with you with a minimal amount of space. 

    5. Are SkyQuad Drone cameras fast enough?

    SkyQuad Drone cameras are one of the fastest drone cameras. It can fly at a speed of 19 meters per second with a transmission distance of 4 kilometers. 


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