Stress Increases The Chances Of A Long Covid Before Covid Occurs

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 26, 2022

Stress has become a very integral part of life. Some amount of stress is essential for development in life, but most of the time, it results in causing neurological disorders such as anxiety and depression among people. A lot of people suffer from loneliness, due to which this problem enhances to a great extent. But a recent study conducted by the University of California has depicted a positive relationship between the occurrence of stress and long-term covid infection.

 Around 50% of the chances of developing coronavirus infection increase if a person already suffers from chronic stress and other types of mental illness such as depression. This chronic stress is bad for your health. It is caused mainly due to the traumatic events that occur in a person’s life and negatively impact his health. This bad stress is also responsible for increasing the long-term risk of Counteracting cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The present study focuses on the impact of stress and other mental disorders on the ability of the human body to recover from Covid-19. 

How Can The Impact Be Recorded? 

If a person tests positive for Covid-19, his body automatically becomes weak. Most patients also experience an impact on mental health. But the time taken for recovery is likely to increase if the person already suffers from anxiety and stress. People can experience loss of taste and smell, including sleep cycle problems. 

Stress Increases The Chances Of A Long Covid Before Covid Occurs

A person tends to become fatigued very soon and loses the ability to concentrate on daily activities. In such a situation, the existing symptoms of covid-19 combine with pre-existing stress-related factors. This combination is deadly for most people because the chances of experiencing long-term covid effects increase. The results of this study have been confirmed with the help of the experimentation conducted on a population of 1500 participants. 

About the experiment

The experiment was basically conducted in order to discuss the negative impact of stress on the human body. It wanted to discover how stress can reduce the ability of the human body to fight coronavirus infection. The first way stress affected the human body was by increasing inflammation. Information can be caused by stress. With an increasing amount of stress, the human body reduces less amount of hormones for curing inflammation

This means that the body does not utilize its energy to respond to the threat or the injury that is experienced due to one or the other reason. Having a bad mechanism inside the body to fight inflammation can increase the chances of the persistence of covid-19 over a longer period of time. Stress also deactivates the immunity cells inside the body. The programming of the immune system inside the body undergoes a complete change if a person is suffering from constant anxiety and stress. 

Despite being active throughout, the body’s responsiveness to fight different infections and diseases caused by risk and bacteria reduces to the minimum extent. This actually means that the scope of recovery in most people reduces to a great extent due to the reduced responsiveness of the body. Even covid infection affects the psychological factors of the body and increases the possibility of being stressed. All of this is probably interconnected to each other. 

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It can be concluded that this is one of the most effective and useful studies that has been able to depict this relationship in a very refined way. All of this has been able to bring a better impact on the life of the people. It will be helpful to develop treatments and even medications that can be responsible for mitigating the infection’s negative effects despite the persistence of Mental Health issues.


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