The Risk Of Monkeypox Is Less In Children| Why?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 27, 2022

The recent outbreak of monkeypox has caused an alarming situation in most countries where the number of infections is increasing exponentially.

Not only is the USA’s government taking proactive measures to conduct a worldwide and universal vaccination drive, but also, at the same time, advisories are being issued to the people, so they remain cautious and safe.

The government is also funding research to discover which section of the population is the most vulnerable to getting infected with this kind of virus.

Latest Finding

 According to the latest finding, after an elementary student in Georgia tested positive for this infection, it has been discovered that the risk of catching monkeypox in children is significantly less as compared to adults. It is only when the weak immunity of the children gets connected with this infection that the chances of catching it increase.

Based on the infections that were counted in this weekend, around 16000 people have confirmed the symptoms of monkeypox. Adults have encountered around 97% of this infection, and only two percent of the children have tested positive. But till now, the schools K12 were closed.

The Risk Of Monkeypox Are Less In Children

Now, the time for the schools to open in October is a protein, and it has put all the schools across the country of the United States of America on a very high alert. If it is controlled, they also want to keep it in control for the upcoming time. 

Most school-going children have not reported infection till now, but the authorities are doubtful if the same trend will follow after the school reopens.

To keep the rate of infection in the children low, it is advised to all the school departments to follow the protocols issued explicitly for the safety of the students in the school. If any mistake follows, it can cause a massive outbreak in the school which would be difficult to control. 

Response of one school to this case

The government is worried after analyzing the response systems of one school towards handling monkeypox infection. It is essential to understand that according to the Newton County School, no specific measures for controlling this infection were followed. Also, at the same time, both the school and the administration authorities did not follow proper isolation in the canteen and even in the classrooms. There was no maintenance of maintaining physical distance, and wearing masks was not mandated. 

The government has finally decided to close the schools for one month more, but they are worried about what will happen when the schools reopen in October. The student who was tested positive point student who was tested positive for this infection is doing well and is soon getting recovered. But the government does not want to take any risk, and even if it decides to open the school, all schools would be subjected to very tight guidelines. It is definitely in the more significant Public Interest for a better safety mechanism for the public at large.

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Are the efforts of the school enough.? 

Another question that follows is whether the measures adopted by the school to prevent the spread of monkeypox are enough. The school will continue to follow all kinds of cleaning and sanitization practices to keep the environment safe and kill the suspended germs in the air. But it is important to note that these measures are ineffective in controlling the spread of the Monkey virus, which is highly contagious. It starts with the help of contacts, and there is no way with the help of which the children can be prevented from touching each other. 


It has to be seen if all of these measures would be helpful in the long run and if this infection would also get converted into a pandemic. It all depends upon the sufficient measures that the government and citizens together take to put up against this.


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