The Senate Opponent Claims That Dr. Oz Killed Over 300 Dogs As A Medical Researcher

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 8, 2022

The tensions between the two fronts in the country of the United States of America have escalated to a great extent. The fury is all related to the upcoming elections in Pennsylvania. Recently, the agronomic and acrimonious candidate of Democrats has accused his rival Republican candidate, Dr. OZ, of having killed more than 300 dogs over time. In fact, all this news relates to when the doctor was working as a medical researcher at the famous Columbia University. 

The Democratic candidate alleged the Republican candidate was none other than John Fetterman. All of his accusations were not at all baseless. He has also cited the reports published by the university and other press houses. It was all about the Carelessness practiced by Dr. Oz during the medical research by killing 300 dogs as a part of the experiment. The number is huge to raise eyebrows and attract attention. However, the information’s integrity must be judged before calling the doctor a puppy killer. 

Additional Details

According to the statement given by the attendants of the medical laboratory in the university, it was confirmed that the mode of carrying out the experiments was animal. These animals mostly included puppies and dogs belonging to various breeds. 

The Senate Opponent Claims That Dr. Oz Killed Over 300 Dogs As A Medical Researcher

These puppies and dogs were used during the conduct of 75 research studies that were carried out from the period of 2005 to 2015.

There have been many research details associated with the studies. As a result, it becomes important to mention that not only dogs but a lot of other kinds of animals like rabbits, pigs, and cats were used to conduct the experiment over time.

It was further alleged that many injuries were inflicted upon the body of the animals for the proposed experiment. This incident was not only human but also demanded a proper investigation to find out the actual and the real truth behind the nuisance. 

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The political assistants of Dr. Oz have, however, been in the position to deny the status of all these reports. They have outrageously denied that there was nothing like that; hence, all the allegations that the rival candidate has levied have been baseless over time.

However, apart from these arguments denying the allegations, nothing so concrete has been put forth by the doctor in support of his defense, which inclines an individual towards John’s reports and allegations. A lot of people have started believing that there might be an iota of truth in this process, and hence, it is in the best interest to find what is the truth so that the proper course of action can be initiated. 


The candidates belonging to the opposite parties have created a lot of political turmoil, which has been responsible for bringing forth the latest arguments. They both are trying to wash the dirty linen in public, which is very uncertain as to what will happen next. It is expected that the public would evaluate the pros and cons of the arguments and hence take a valid decision over time so that the results can be reduced to being fair and valid. 


This is one of the most essential factors which must be taken into consideration. This is going to bring a huge amount of concern for the time being. The voters are all set to evaluate the arguments and reach a judgment over a period of time. This is the most essential argument which has to be discovered over time. This is the best type of assistance that must be gathered from different sources. 

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