Vanderpump Rules Stars Tom Schwartz And Katie Melony Decided To End Their Relationship! What Happened Between Them?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 21, 2022

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney called it quits after a 12-year relationship. Through their social media profiles, the Vanderpump Rules stars declared their split. 

Many celebs, particularly the cast of Vanderpump Rules, expressed their love and support in the comments of the Instagram post. Tom and Katie penned a few lines and posted photographs to their Instagram profiles.

Tom Schwartz And Katie Melony Decided To Breakup

The VPR actress wrote that she never expected to have to make such a public statement. However, she believes she must share details about her personal life with us. Maloney started her writings by expressing her love for her family, friends, and fans.

Vanderpump Rules Stars Tom Schwartz And Katie Melony Decided To End Their Relationship

She wants to tell everyone about the heartbreaking news. Tom and she are dissolving their marriage after 12 years on a journey through life together. She stated that this ending has nothing to do with anger or bitterness. And that there are neither right nor wrong answers.

They were all hugging and clutching each other’s hands. Tom Schwartz announced their split via an Instagram post that included a few lines, many photographs, and a video. Well, this sucks, he wrote. 

They have great respect for one another that will last forever, and we treasure our friendship. She concluded by noting if they are on separate paths, they will remain to love and support one another’s happiness.

In most places, they appeared to be a perfect pair who appeared very romantic and wonderful. He continued What picture does he mean to use? Is there a standard font for breaking up? He wanted to clarify the situation on some rumors that had been circulating. 

He and Katie are divorcing. There have been several stories about their personal lives, and Schwartz has stated that any rumors about him and Maloney are unwelcome. He said that he isn’t ready to use the ‘D-word’ yet since it hurts too much.

His heartaches are real, but he’ll be fine. He emphasized that he is not attempting to elicit sympathy by sharing the Instagram post of his separation. 

He said that he would not compose a sad song. He respected Katie’s decision, and they had a good and fruitful discussion about it. He went on to say that it would be far more tragic if she decided to stay with me despite her dissatisfaction.

After realizing they had never filled out and handed in their wedding documents, they remarried in July 2019. Schwartz started the same year that he is only known in his heart. 

When he questioned how he could be sure he’d never cheat on his wife again, I told him I couldn’t. First and foremost, he has no idea how that happened, and that is extremely regrettable; he was humiliated.

Last month, it looked like Maloney and Schwartz had moved over their infidelity troubles and considered starting a family. Schwartz stated that he was interested in starting a family. He adores children. They never got around to doing it. 

After attempting to conceive, both Schwartz and Maloney had their fertility tested. When the couple initially started dating a year back, Maloney revealed she had an abortion.

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