Toradol Is Best Medicine For Migraine: Side-Effects And Risks!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 2, 2022

Migraines, which can cause hours or days of excruciating head pain, affect at least 39 million Americans. Migraines cause nausea, light and sound sensitivity, visual auras, and pain. Migraine pain can be so severe that it prevents daily activities.

Toradol: How Does It Work? Merits And Demerits!

Migraine pain can lead many people to the ER. 1–4% of ER visits are migraine-related. Migraine treatments include OTC painkillers. If these meds don’t work, Toradol might. Toradol relieves post-surgery pain.

Toradol Is Best Medicine For Migraine Side-Effects And Risks

Off-label, clinicians prescribe it to treat migraine pain. Learn how to take this drug to relieve migraine symptoms.


Ketorolac is marketed as Toradol. In 1997, the FDA authorized Toradol for moderate to severe pain. Toradol is no longer available, but generic ketorolac is.

Ketorolac is an NSAID like ibuprofen and naproxen.

Ketorolac is a stronger NSAID. It’s regularly prescribed off-label for migraines.

Ketorolac is a frequent migraine ER therapy. More research is needed, although one study suggests it may be more effective than conventional painkillers.

Ketorolac has fewer negative effects than chlorpromazine, another migraine treatment. Ketorolac may help chlorpromazine-resistant patients.

Ketorolac can be administered via injections, tablets, and nasal sprays. In the ER, ketorolac shots are used to treat acute migraine headaches, while oral pills are used at home. Your doctor will recommend the best procedure and provide detailed instructions.

To avoid significant adverse effects, follow their directions.

Toradol For MigraineπŸ’Š

πŸ’ŠNSAIDs prevent prostaglandin production, like ketorolac. Compounds cause inflammation, fever, and pain. NSAIDs block prostaglandins to treat arthritis, menstrual cramps, muscle aches, and headaches.
πŸ’ŠNSAIDs work in minutes to hours. Because NSAIDs like ketorolac are swiftly metabolized, most people find relief within minutes.
πŸ’ŠToradol injections last 6 hours. Your doctor may offer further ketorolac injections or another prescription pain treatment.
πŸ’ŠNSAIDs cause few negative effects for most people. To avoid issues, follow the label or your doctor’s recommendations. Overusing NSAIDs can cause gastrointestinal bleeding and kidney failure.

Toradol For Migraine Relief:

Doctors prescribe ketorolac. Injections, infusions, pills, or nasal spray are all methods to take the drug.

If you go to an ER or urgent care for a migraine headache, the doctor may prescribe ketorolac, especially if you’ve tried other NSAIDs. They may inject ketorolac intravenously or into a muscle. These approaches help your body absorb medication quickly, reducing migraine pain.

After the initial dose, your doctor may prescribe frequent injections or a ketorolac tablet. The drug can be taken for 5 days. When your migraine symptoms disappear, you can stop the medicine.

Your doctor’s dosage depends on your age, medical history, and migraine pain. Your doctor will give you the lowest dose of ketorolac that relieves your migraine symptoms.

Toradol Side Effects
πŸ€’ Toradol is well-tolerated, like other NSAIDs. Side effects include:
πŸ€’ Headache
πŸ€’ Diarrhea
πŸ€’ Mouth ulcers
πŸ€’ Yellowing
πŸ€’ Hunger
πŸ€’ Rapid heartbeat
πŸ€’ Weary
πŸ€’ diarrhea/constipation
πŸ€’ Gasoline
πŸ€’ Otosclerosis

Ketorolac side effects rarely require medical attention. Mild nausea and exhaustion subside as your body metabolizes the drug. As you grow adjusted to the drug, they may fade.

However, odd symptoms should be reported. They can decide if you should adjust your treatment plan or stop taking the drug.

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Toradol’s Risks

  • Ketorolac has several unusual yet serious adverse effects. Risks include:
  • Bleeding, abdominal pain, gastritis, rectal bleeding, and ulcerative stomatitis
  • Surgical bleeding or slow-healing wounds
  • Heart attacks, strokes, and other difficulties
  • APRF
  • To reduce the risk of significant health consequences from ketorolac, follow your doctor’s dosing instructions.
  • Ketorolac overdose might lead to problems. Overdose symptoms:
  • Bloody or coffee-ground-looking vomit
  • Breathlessness
  • Bloody stools
  • Dementia
  • Seizure
  • Call 911 or go to the ER if you have any of these symptoms.

Indications Not To Take Toradol

Doctors should prescribe Toradol or its generic equivalent. Discuss your medical history with your doctor so they can prescribe pain medication and manage major health risks.

πŸ‘‰ Don’t take ketorolac if you have

πŸ‘‰ Heart attack or stroke recently?

πŸ‘‰ Ulcers or GI bleeding

πŸ‘‰ Kidney/liver disease

πŸ‘‰ Blood thinners

πŸ‘‰ While taking ketorolac, avoid smoking and drinking. This can cause gastrointestinal bleeding.


Toradol is ketorolac’s old brand name. This medicine blocks prostaglandins, which cause pain and inflammation.

Ketorolac can be injected, sprayed, or taken orally. The drug should only be taken for five days unless instructed by a doctor.

Ketorolac relieves migraine discomfort with fewer adverse effects than other painkillers. Ketorolac may help those who can’t tolerate other painkillers.

Most people tolerate NSAIDs like ketorolac well, however side effects are possible. Mild nausea, dizziness, and exhaustion are common side effects. As your body absorbs the drug, it should disappear.

Ketorolac can cause rare but dangerous adverse effects such as excessive or unusual bleeding, heart attack, stroke, and renal failure. If you’ve had a heart attack, stroke, or gastrointestinal bleeding, don’t take ketorolac. Always follow your doctor’s orders when taking medication.


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