Tower Of God Chapter 542 Release Date, Plot, And Trailer!!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 10, 2022

Lee Jong-hui, better known by his pen name SIU, created the South Korean webcomic Tower of God (Slave. In. Utero). Please check out Naver and Line Webtoon for free access. As of February 2020, almost 4.5 billion people throughout the world had watched The Tower of God. There are currently eight official translations of Tower of God available on Naver’s main portal, as well as 20 fan translations of the game. Naver Series On will begin streaming an anime television series based on the webtoon on April 1st, 2020.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Tower Of God Chapter 542 Release Date, Plot, And Trailer!!!

It aired on Japanese television at 12:30 a.m. JST the same night. Crunchyroll has the original Japanese broadcast of this anime series if you’d want to see it there. As an adult, Bam was never in a relationship before meeting Rachel at the age of 25. Rachel, on the other hand, is adamant about climbing the Tower and is willing to let Bam go in order to accomplish it. Bam decides to ascend the Tower in the hope of reuniting with Rachel, who has vanished after her father’s death.

Tower Of God Chapter 542 Release Date, Plot, And Trailer

Thus, the Tower is teeming with ancient mysteries, horrifying creatures, and nefarious characters. Administrators protect those who are bold enough to face the tremendous obstacles that are found on every floor.

What Will Happen Next In Tower Of God Chapter 542?

The next episode of Tower of God will see the beginning of one of the most hotly anticipated confrontations in the manhwa. Traumerei and Baam have had the most snide exchange. Because he is one of the most powerful men in the royal family, he is not used to hearing no. Baam, on the other hand, is still a student of the Tower’s ways. The offer was quickly rejected as a result.

After the family’s leader gets outraged with the human boy, the next chapter of Tower of God will begin. The next chapter will feature one of the most epic battles in the tale. One possibility, despite Baam’s lack of potency against Traumerei, would be to use Leviathan. If the child decides to put his skills to use, this will be a great battle.

“Irregular”: Bam realizes that he was not chosen to be in the Tower but was allowed to enroll on his own, an incredibly rare occurrence in the Tower itself Regardless of the new facts, his course of action is clear. Reuniting with Rachel or gaining wealth, power, or celebrity are all things that can be achieved at the top of the Tower.

Release Date Of Tower Of God Chapter 542

This week, the story of Baam will not be interrupted, which is good news for fans of the manga. As a result, Chapter 542 of Tower of God will be released next week without delay. The chapter is scheduled for release on May 8th, 2022.

Recap Of Tower Of God Chapter 542

Yasurachya revealed that he had injected his blood into some of the canines to help them in the 541st chapter of Tower of God. When his friend heard this, he questioned if it would help him defeat the family’s head of household. After realizing they were fighting the same enemy, Yastracha and Yasurachya banded together. On the other side of the Tower, Baam’s comrades battled the creatures sent by Traumerei.

Baam insisted that he had no choice but to accept the offer presented to him in the Tower. The chief of the family had been urging Baam to join the family, but Baam had repeatedly declined the offer. The Teleportation Ship’s connection to the portal was reestablished within the ship. As the chapter came to an end, Traumerei was furious with Baam’s final decision.

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