Travis Barker Reportedly Released After 6 Days In Hospital

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : July 5, 2022

According to reports, Travis Barker is recuperating at home after contracting a severe case of pancreatitis brought on by a past colonoscopy.

Travis Barker Reportedly Released After 6 Days In Hospital As Life-Threatening Pancreatitis

According to further reports, Travis Barker was treated for six days before being released.

On July 4, an insider told The Sun, that Travis had been released from the hospital and is at home while he continues to recuperate with the help of his family.

Travis Barker Reportedly Released After 6 Days In Hospital

The 46-year-old musician underwent pancreatitis surgery on June 28. He was moved to the larger Cedars Sinai Hospital in California after being originally treated at the nearby West Hills Hospital in Calabasas, California. Photos show his 43-year-old wife Kourtney Kardashian closely pursuing the ambulance carrying Travis.

Travis recently confirmed that the recent colonoscopy that resulted in the excision of a little polyp was what caused the abrupt and potentially fatal episode, which is pancreatic inflammation. On July 2, he posted on his Instagram account that he had gone in for an endoscopy on Monday feeling wonderful.

But things changed a few hours later.

He got into terrible pain after dinner, and he had been in the hospital ever since- he mentioned. “I had a very minute polyp removed during the endoscopy that was situated in a very delicate place that’s generally handled by professionals, and regrettably that injured a crucial pancreatic drainage tube.”

This led to severe pancreatitis that was potentially fatal. I am so incredibly grateful that I am currently feeling considerably better thanks to intense treatment, he told his many fans.

Kourtney, who wed Travis in May in Portofino, Italy, also left a statement online. After Travis’ post, she immediately reacted, saying, “Oh quite a scary and stressful week it has been.” We frequently disregard how rapidly it can change and how important our health is, she said.

Travis developed severe, potentially fatal pancreatitis after she and she moved in for a regular endoscopy together. “I am extremely grateful to God for my husband’s recovery, for each of you praying for him and for us… I’m really touched and grateful. The founder of Poosh added, “I am extremely grateful to our Cedars Sinai specialists, doctors, and nurses for taking such excellent care of us during the stay.”

Let’s Talk Further About What Exactly Is Pancreatitis?

The term “pancreatitis” refers to the inflammation of the pancreas, an organ located in the upper abdomen beyond the stomach. The pancreas’ function in the system is to make digestive enzymes and control blood sugar levels.

Although specialists are unsure of the cause, pancreatitis is a disorder that is getting more widespread. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases estimates that each year in the United States, sudden-onset pancreatitis causes around 275,000 hospital stays. Men are more prone than women to contract it.

When digestive enzymes become stimulated while remaining inside the pancreas, harming its cells, the pancreas may become inflamed. Acute pancreatitis is a quick onset of pancreatitis, while chronic pancreatitis develops over time.

The potential triggers for pancreatitis include alcohol use, surgery, extremely high blood calcium or fat levels, and specific medications.

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