Tundra Personal AC Reviews: A Portable Air Cooler To Beat The Summer!

John Furrier | Last Updated : June 2, 2022

Tundra Personal AC is a portable AC that has been designed to provide people relief from excessively hot summer days. In this Tundra Personal AC review, let us analyze the specifications and all other important aspects of the AC and see if it’s ideal to beat the summer.

According to the Tundra Personal AC manufacturer, this air conditioner works efficiently and cools any personal space in just 30 seconds.

Tundra Personal AC Reviews: Can Tundra Personal AC Be Used As A Humidifier?

For those who are unaware, Tundra Personal AC is a recently released air cooler that has been receiving real hype over the last few weeks. Several reviews and reports of the cooler are also tagged along with this hype and the presence of conflicting data is obvious. So, you might find it difficult to access authentic data about Tundra AirCooler. 

This Tundra Personal AC review aims to solve this problem by listing out all the necessary details of the AC gathered from trusted sources, manual testing, and surveying customer responses. Keep reading the review to see if the claims made by the manufacturer are true and if Tundra Air Cooler is just what you need for the summer days.

Tundra Personal AC Reviews
Device NameTundra Personal AC
CategoryAir Conditioner
PurposeTo stay cool and comfortable anywhere you go
  • Helps to cool your room in seconds
  • Remove dust particles in the air
  • Releases moisture into the air
  • Make you cool and stress-free
  • Fan Speed3x speed modes available
    Water Tank Capacity13oz
    Power ModeWith the USB-C cable
  • Chargeable & Portable
  • Compact
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Refillable water tank
  • Instant Cooling
  • Available Packages1x to 4x packages available
    Money-Back Guarantee30 days
    AvailabilityOnly through the official website
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    What Is Tundra Personal AC?

    Tundra Personal AC is an advanced air cooler that is manufactured to help people stay cool and comfortable in the summer. The manufacturer assures that this AC will cool any space in just 30 seconds and also remove dust particles to supply only fresh and clean air.

    Tundra AirCooler is a portable personal AC designed to cool personal space. The factor that makes this AC a great choice for summer days is its immediate cooling and compact, lightweight, and adjustable features. Tundra Personal AC also comes at affordable pricing so that all people can experience its benefits. 

    Main Features Of Tundra Personal AC

    Whenever you are planning to purchase an air cooler, make sure to check its features or specifications so that you can decide if it suits your purpose. The main features of Tundra Personal AC are listed below:

    🔸Compact and lightweight- Tundra Personal AC is a portable personal AC due to its compact design and lightweight feature. So, you can carry this AC anywhere at any time with the only requirement of a USB-C cable to power it up. 

    🔸Versatility- This air cooler comes with 3 fan speeds and a louver that controls and helps you to manage the flow of air. With this customizable feature, you can use the Tundra Air cooler according to your choice. 

    🔸Instant Cooling- An important feature of the Tundra Personal AC is that it cools a space in just 30 seconds. So, unlike big air conditioners, you needn’t wait for the AC to cool the room or any space. 

    🔸Refillable water tank- The cooler comes with a refillable water tank that can hold up to 13oz of water which is enough for 8 hours of efficient cooling. Once the water is over, you can refill the tank and experience the cooling effect for another 8 hours.

    Tundra Personal AC Features

    How Does Tundra Personal AC Really Work?

    In this section, let us probe into the working of Tundra Personal AC and see the mechanism that it follows. This is essential because many counterfeit air coolers are coming up in the market with false claims of being effective but turn out to be a complete waste of money. 

    Tundra Personal AC consists of 3 fan speeds, a louver, and a 13oz water tank. Once you switch on the air cooler, the hot air passes through the fan and reaches the water filtering system or tank where the air is purified and humidified and finally released to the surroundings thereby cooling the personal space. 

    To boost the effectiveness, Tundra Air Cooler also consists of a noiseless motor fan so you can enjoy the cool and fresh air without any disturbance. So, Tundra Personal AC works efficiently to supply cooling effects with high performance. 

    Tundra Personal AC Working

    How To Use Tundra Personal AC?

    The Tundra Personal AC is designed in such a way that it is easy to use and maintain. In case you are planning to purchase this air cooler, just go through the steps to use it that are mentioned below:

    Step 1:

    Pour water into the water tank as indicated in the instruction manual and the  close the top

    Step 2:

    Next, turn on the AC and let it instantly cool your personal space.

    With this, you can experience a great cooling effect from Tundra Air Cooler. Once the water is over, make sure to refill the tank.

    Tundra Personal AC Benefits

    Pros & Cons Of Tundra Personal AC

    The following are the pros and cons of this Personal AC found in various Tundra Personal AC reviews from various authentic sources:


    • A high-quality air cooler that cools a personal space in just 30 seconds
    • Portable, compact, and lightweight
    • Releases moisture into the air thereby keeping away dryness and irritation
    • Make you stress-free and cool
    • Easy to use and maintain
    • Versatile air cooler


    • There are only limited stocks of Tundra Personal AC on the official website.
    • It is not designed for cooling a large area

    Tundra Personal AC Customer Reviews & Complaints

    All the customer responses to Tundra Personal AC are positive so far. The satisfied customers are completely happy with the quality, performance, and overall efficiency of the AC. The customers also reported that the Tundra AirCooler has made summer days bearable.

    Tundra Personal AC Customer Reviews

    Tundra Personal AC Pricing & Where To Get It?

    Tundra Air Cooler is now available at exclusive discounts of up to 50% so that all people can benefit from it during summer. The price details of all the four supplies are listed below that you can go through in case you are planning to purchase Tundra Personal AC:

    🔶Tundra Personal AC- $89.99 per each (save $48.46)

    🔶Tundra Personal AC- $89.99 per each (save $96.92)

    🔶Tundra Personal AC- $73 per each (save $196.36)

    🔶Tundra Personal AC- $62 per each (save $305.81)

    All these Tundra Air Cooler packs are now available free of shipping charges. The manufacturer also offers a 2-year warranty or extended protection that you can opt for during purchase by just paying an additional amount of $45. 

    Tundra Personal AC is currently available for purchase only through the official website. The manufacturer assures that the AC is not made available on other websites like Amazon or even retail stores.

    However, there are warnings from tech experts that duplicates of Tundra Personal AC are sold through third-party websites due to its rising demand in the market. These so-called Tundra Personal AC are sure to be a waste of money. So, to not fall for such gimmicks, visit the official Tundra Air Cooler website to purchase the AC.

    Tundra Personal AC Money-Back Guarantee

    Tundra Personal AC is covered by a risk-free money-back policy of 30 days. So, in case of dissatisfaction after using the AC, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. To get a refund, just contact the customer service team and return the purchased AC units. This means that investing in Tundra Personal AC is safe and guaranteed.

    For instant processing of the refund, you can contact customer service at  +18663008985 or write to  [email protected]. Also, remember that this secure refund is applicable only on purchasing Tundra Personal AC from the official website and the shipping, handling, and warranty if chosen are not refundable.  

    Our Final Take On Tundra Personal AC

    From the available data, Tundra Personal AC seems to be a genuine air cooler that cools personal space instantly. Many customers have used the cooler and their feedback points to the efficiency of the Tundra Air Cooler in fighting the scorching heat of the summer.

    As per the Tundra Personal AC reviews, it is clear that this device lasts for a longer period with proper use and handling. For efficient cooling, all you are required to do is fill in the water once it’s over so that the AC works for almost 8 hours. Also, its versatility helps in adjusting the working as needed.

    Just like any device, some people say that Tundra Personal AC works while some are skeptical about its performance even without using it. In any case, as per research and analysis and the 30-day money-back offered, Tundra Personal AC seems to be a legit air cooler that is worth trying.


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